13 Essential Cannabis Accessories For Every Enthusiast

As more and more states are starting to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, the demand for its fashionable accessories is at an all-time high. There are plenty of options available out there now, but you don't need to go through different shops to find an accessory that is not even well-built. This article will cover all the fashionable, elegant, and functional marijuana accessories you can get online. Whether you are a casual smoker or a marijuana enthusiast, here are some essential cannabis accessories to enhance your smoking experience. 

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1. Mamba Electric Herb Grinder

By Mamba Grinders

 Mamba Grinders - Essential Cannabis Accessories

A grinder is one of the most, if not the most, essential accessories for those who prefer joints. Not only is it easy to use, but it also grinds to the perfect consistency - revealing hidden aromas, tastes, and potency for enhanced experiences. 

The unique Mamba Herb Grinder also comes with a cone-shaped dispensing system that allows users to fill pipes, vapes, rolling papers, or stash containers. This fantastic shape also prevents wasting any material in the process. Also, to add a cherry on top, this grinder is about 8 to 15 times faster than a manual grinder. So, spend more time smoking joints rather than making them!


2. HEIR Water Pipe 

HEIR Water Pipe - Essential Cannabis Accessories

The Heir Water pipe is a smoking accessory that will make your high more classier. Made out of thick glass and glazed ceramic, this precision-made product has an elegant design with modern features to fit any vaper’s taste in their vaping lifestyle!

The pipe is a workhorse, and it does not let you down. The percolator diffuses smoke through water making for an even better filtration process that also allows more hits on top of its already long lasting bowl! You'll never regret owning one because they come with splash guards built into the bottom as well to keep those pesky drops from ruining your session.

The pipe has a tapered design that makes it easy to hold and tilt, and was designed for easy cleanup. You can pour water directly through the grinder or unscrew its top piece which features enough space so you don't have trouble finding your lighter in case of emergency! The HEIR offers much needed makeover when one thinks about popular smoking devices; no more makeshift hits here thanks to this innovative product by Re- wicked .


3. Small Smell-Proof Bag Storage Case


Small Smell-Proof Bag Storage Case - Essential Cannabis Accessories


This smell-proof bag is perfect for storing a small batch or a one-hitter for later as you go about your day. The bag is also discreet enough that you can carry it around without attracting attention.

It is made of synthetic leather that simply adds to the aesthetics. So, not only will it look attractive, but it will also go along with your other accessories, such as a wallet, carrying bag, etc. Its zipper closure keeps the smell inside and a key ring to make it easy to carry.

Some have little compartments where you can store a lighter, so you don't lose it again! Although it might seem cheap and low-tech, it still gets the job done!


4. Trova Go Case


Trova Go Case - Essential Cannabis Accessories


If you want to go all out and get the best storage case for your stash, look no further. The TROVA Go is a biometric storage device for everyday use that you can conceal in your pocket, handbag, or athletic gear. It's ideal for keeping jewelry, prescription drugs, and other items requiring discretion on you at all times.

This high tech Trova Go Case connects to your phone via Bluetooth, locks and unlocks using it. You can also to keep track of your stash, so you always know how much you have on hand.

If you can pay the price, security, style, and technology are all ensured with this smell-proof case. The Trova Go Case is perfect for anyone looking for a top of the line storage solution. Not only does it keep your weed safely


5. Levo II Oil Infuser


Levo II Oil Infuser - Essential Cannabis Accessories


The Levo II Oil Infuser is a kitchen appliance that helps in streamlining the edible-making process. It offers three different modes that allow you to dry, infuse, and activate, and thanks to its smell-proof design, you can infuse up to 16 ounces of butter or oil pretty conveniently.

The Lēvo II can be completely configured to suit your preferences and needs. You may use the device's basic modes or fully personalize the timings, temperatures, and cycles you wish to utilize for a particular recipe. All parts are easily removable after use, and they're also dishwasher safe!


6. Mamba King-Size Pre-Rolled Paper Cones

 Mamba King Size Pre-Rolled Paper Cones


Spend less time rolling papers and more time sitting back and enjoying with the Mamba Rolling Papers Cones. Just conveniently fill and pack with your favorite product for unlocked tastes and aromas. Available in 50 or 100 cones packs.

Made from 100% natural, not bleached and not flavored hemp-fiber papers ensure an unadulterated and raw pre-rolled cone experience.  The cone is sealed with natural Arabic gum and is joint at the tip of the cone tube wrap with a paper filter that provides non-clip holding and and air-flow.

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7. Glass Ashtray

Glass Ashtray - Essential Cannabis Accessories


Long gone are the days of keeping grimy ashtrays in your living room. Glass ashtrays look just as sleek as you might imagine. Luxury Ashtray. Their unique glass cut diamond shapes makes these ashtrays easily stand out from other types, adding a nice accent to your tables.

The best part about it is that they can be used for a different purpose (such as a key holder) when guests come over who don't smoke.

Glass ashtrays are perfect for the modern smoker. Not only do they look sleek and elegant, but they are also easy to clean. Plus, they come in a variety of cuts and styles to match your personal taste.


8. Ceramic Bong


Ceramic Bong - Essential Cannabis Accessories


If you still prefer a good old bong over all these next generation's cannabis gizmos, a ceramic bong is perfect for you. Despite being entirely hand-made, it boasts a durability and form factor that makes it an attractive piece of sculpture.

Using only the best lead-free, food-safe glaze and ceramic, and a high-grade silicone grommet to ensure clean hits and airtight carburation. Pieces are made by hand with natural materials, so visual variations may be present. Each piece is considered one of a kind and unique.

9. Leather Cigarette Case


Leather Cigarette Case - Essential Cannabis Accessories


If you want a cigarette case that looks extremely classy and elegant and has enough storage for you to last quite some time, a leather cigarette case is a solid choice. This luxurious storage case can hold up to 9 pre-rolls at a time, which is enough to last quite some time.

A genuine eel skin product and handmade in Korea where many believe that Eel skin may prevent disaster and brings good luck and health. Eel skin products get softer, shinier and supple with use. Since all eels are slightly unique, each eel skin product will be as well like wrinkles, tiny scars, bite marks etc.


10. Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe


Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe - Essential Cannabis Accessories


This piece of art boasts solid craftsmanship, timeless design, and a cool, smooth pull. Also, all of its parts can be detached to make the cleaning process considerably more manageable. This Glass and Walnut Spoon Pipe by Marley Natural is especially for those who don't want to compromise on style.

Created from hand-blown glass and refined black walnut wood, this custom designed spoon pipe achieves a fluid balance of quality and durability. The comfortably rounded stem and heat resistant glass bowl allow for consistent draws, creating an exceptionally smooth smoking experience.


11. Keychain Carrying Case


Keychain Carrying Case - Essential Cannabis Accessories


As the name itself suggests, this carrying case can hold your stash in a sleek-looking case that attaches to your keychain. So, don't be one of those guys who take out a crushed joint from their pockets because they didn't have any place to store it. Keep things simple yet classy!

For a single joint or vape, goods will be kept clean and the inside of your bag. Waterproof, air tight (i.e. can’t be sniffed out) and keeps your cannabis fresh. In soft brushed gold, it’s a real head turner. making it the perfect on-the-go companion for travel, festivals, and parties.


12. Glass Pocket Pipe

Essential Cannabis Accessories - Glass Pocket Pipe


Some hand-made borosilicate glass pipes change color according to the lighting in the room. For instance,  some look much more silvery indoors as compared to outdoors. They also come in different sizes, between 3.5-4.5 inches, and its raised bumps along the side allow you to hold it easily and keep the grip firm.

The glass decorative craft bowls are easy to use and install, appropriate for sharing with friends who enjoy a good potent smoke. Easy to clean, leaving a good hands-on experience.


13. Table-Top Lighter


Table-Top Lighter - Essential Cannabis Accessories


A reusable Ashtray with lighter, although this is one of the most expensive accessories, it is well worth the price. If you can afford it, you should definitely go for this retro-looking lighter with a matching ashtray. Note that some table-top lighters come with a matching ashtray.

Built with a permanent match lighter for convenient use. The sturdy flint match strike lighter is good for at least 15,000 strikes. Durable, windproof and works equally well when wet or cold. Convenient to use and clean, its three grooves design hold cigarettes snugly.

In a nutshell, keep things classy and convenient for yourself, and get these accessories mentioned above to enhance your smoking experience.

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