How to Make Hash From Weed at Home (Step-by-Step Instructions)

What is Hash?

Hash, aka Hashish, is a resinous paste-like substance, varying from golden brown to black, that comes from rubbing or crushing a cannabis plant that contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the same psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Hash is the most potent and concentrated form of cannabis, containing very high levels of THC, usually much higher than marijuana.

Hash can also be produced from dried cannabis plant buds by carefully rubbing them to collect the resin on a piece of glass or into a bag. Once collected and filtered, the resin is pressed together and dried to form the final product.

Hash can be smoked alone or added to tobacco for use in cigarettes, vaporized, baked in foods to make brownies and cookies, and used as an ingredient in other types of products such as oils and topical balms. It is also possible to purchase edibles with hash instead of or along with cannabis.

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What's The Difference Between Hash and Marijuana?

What's The Difference Between Hash and Marijuana

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Hash and marijuana both come from the same Cannabis plant. Broadly speaking, Marijuana is the plant's dried flower bud whilst Hash is the plant's resin or "oil extract" from the bud or leaves. Both contain the psychoactive "high" compound contained in cannabis plants, however, hash requires more processing to produce and is much more potent, up to 3 times more, than marijuana.

Flavor-wise, Marijuana is fresh, herbal, and aromatic whilst hash is complex, rich, and spicy. Both can be smoked in a joint/blunt or with a pipe/bong, or eaten and are often used as additional cooking ingredients.

Where Does Hash Come From?

Hash comes from the tops of female cannabis plants. The chemical THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which causes marijuana users to get "high," is found in greater concentrations in the flowers and trichomes (small resin glands) of the female cannabis plant than on other parts of the plant.

Trichomes are tiny, clear hairs that cover the cannabis plant. They look a little bit like tiny mushrooms on the ends of stalks. These stalks are called pistils and can be white, red or brown. In fact, you have probably noticed this fuzz before – it's what gives your marijuana its fluffy texture and pale greenish color. This mystery fuzz is a mass of cells that contain the highest concentration of THC.

How to Make Hash at Home

How to Make Hash at Home

If you want to produce hash at home, try making bubble hash, which involves churning cannabis with ice-filled water. The goal is to get the plant's trichomes to freeze and break off, allowing them to sift through a series of mesh screens.

As long as you're working with plant material with visible trichomes, you can make bubble hash out of cannabis trim, leaf, shake, or bud. Bubble hash is often made with dried and cured cannabis, however fresh-frozen cannabis can also be used. Pre-chilling the cannabis in the freezer overnight is recommended in any case. And try to cook your hash in a cool atmosphere, whether it's air-conditioned inside or outside.

The following items are needed to make bubble hash:

  • Ice-water hash bags, 5-gallon (19-liter) set (Bubble Bags, Boldtbags, etc.)
  • Filter cloths with a 25-micron pore size for gathering and drying
  • Three clean 5-gallon (19-liter) plastic buckets are required.
  • A large wooden spoon or pole for stirring
  • A butter knife or a stiff card to collect hash from bags
  • Towels that absorb liquids
  • Cannabis flower, 200 grammes (7 ounces)
  • Turkey roasting bags and a water hose
  • Wire rack or tray
  • gloves that can withstand high temperatures
  • Paper made with parchment
  • a bottle of boiling water


How to Make Hash From Weed at Home


Now that you have gathered all your materials, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Prepare your bucket by lining it. Line a container with a bag that has the most microns (aka the largest filter hole).

Step 2: Fill your bucket with water. Fill the bag halfway with ice and up to 200 grammes of marijuana. Fill the rest with cold water and top it off with a layer of ice. Allow 14-30 minutes for the cannabis to cool and rehydrate before breaking off the trichomes.

Step 3: Combine the ingredients and stir well. Stir briskly for up to 5 minutes with a large wooden spoon to agitate the mixture. Take care not to damage the bag or crush the plant material by over-agitating it.

Step 4: Remove the bag and drain it. Allow agitated trichomes to reach the bottom of the bag for 10 minutes. After that, lift your bag and pour the water into the bucket. Place the bag of marijuana in the second bucket.

Step 5: Fill the third bucket with water. Line the third bucket with the rest of your filter bags, starting with the smallest filter size and layering in ascending order.

Step 6: Fill the third bucket with water. Fill the bags with water and wait for the resin glands to settle, giving the water a golden tint. If your water is green, it's because it's been agitated too much.

Step 7: Remove the bag and drain it. When you lift the top bag, the water will flow through the filter and into the bottom bucket. You'll notice a layer of trichomes on the filter when you drain the water. To assist remove pollutants, a short spritz of water should be applied to the gathered trichomes.

Step 8: Scrape the hash in step eight. To remove extra water from the filter, gather it and gently squeeze it from the outside. To capture additional extra water, place the filter on a towel. Then, with a card or butter knife, pull the filter taut and scrape the hash.

Step 9: Repeat the procedure. Place your collected hash on a 25-micron filter square, then set it aside while you finish the rest of the filters.

Step 10: Replace the cannabis bag in the bucket and restart the process. Refill the bucket with water and ice and replace the cannabis bag. Then repeat the process until you've extracted the maximum yield from the plant material.

    Step 11: Allow your hash to dry. With a towel and parchment paper, spread your hash out on a tray or wire rack. Place the bubble hash in a cold, dry, dark, dust-free, and well-circulated location until it is completely dry. It's possible that this process will take many days. Mold cannot develop on hash that has been dried, and drying it in a cold, dark environment reduces the risk of degradation. If properly stored, hash can last for a long time.


    Hash is a super concentrated form of the Cannabis plant. It can be made from either the cannabis plant's dried flower buds or by collecting and pressing trichomes from the leaves and flowers using sifters, ice water, alcohol, dry ice or even household presses. Its potent effects and oily texture make for a uniquely enjoyable experience.

    Keep in mind when planning to make your hash that safety is paramount. Hash making at home should be done with someone who knows what they're doing and if using sharp objects or near hot elements, extra caution must be taken when making the hash.

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