How to Properly Roll a Joint (Step-by-Step + Video Demonstration)

An important part of smoking cannabis is the ritual of pre-rolled joints. However, when done incorrectly the joint may be unbalanced or simply unwieldy and difficult to smoke. With a little knowledge and some practice, anyone can roll a perfect joint in no time.


What is a Joint?

A joint is simply cannabis rolled inside a paper. The paper can be any size or form, but the best are around the length of your finger and the width of two fingers. The paper can be any type but is usually cigarette or rolling paper.


Preparation: What Are The Tools Needed To Roll a Joint?

How to Properly Roll a Joint


Before you start it's important to gather the materials you will need.

  • Get your cannabis ready for rolling by breaking up all of the buds into small pieces.
  • Next, cut out a small amount of paper ("papers" or "blunt wraps"), usually, two or three per joint is good enough depending on how much weed you have and how big the paper is.
  • Finally, make a filter ("tip") out of cardboard or an unperforated part of your papers if you have some available.

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Rolling Papers or Pre-Rolled Cones 

A good tip for starters is to use regular rolling papers, these can be bought at any corner store and are extremely cheap. You can also get different "weights", which means how thick the paper is and how much weed is recommended per joint.

There are papers for practically anything from ultra-light to superskinny to XXL. To roll your joint you'll need to know where and how tight to pack it; how much weed goes into each joint is up to you.

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Pre-Roll Cones or Tubes

These have the advantage of already being rolled and include a filter tip. They are normally available in these popular sizes:

  • Classic 1-1/4, 84mm long. Up to 0.75grams of product
  • Special, 98mm long. Up to 1gram of product
  • King Size, 109mm long. Up to 1.5grams of product

NB: Holding capacity is dependent on the density and texture of the product

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How to roll a joint (step by step) 










STEP 1: Grind, break up and collect your cannabis. You'll want a finer consistency for a perfectly rolled joint. If you have a good grinder it should take no more than three rotations to achieve this consistency.

We recommend you use the Mamba Electric Grinder as it grinds your buds to the perfect consistency in just the click of a button. It is also one-handed meaning you no longer have to strain your wrist using manual traditional grinders.

STEP 2: Collecting the right amount of herb is crucial to the quality of your finished product. Too much cannabis in your joint will cause it to burn too fast and waste your weed. Too little means you'll have trouble holding the smoke. A quarter ounce of cannabis should be ample for most joints.

STEP 3: Place the filter at one end of the wrap, aligned with the edge of the paper.

The filter is an important part of your joint that helps keep ash out of your mouth, keeps your joint from getting clogged up with bits and pieces of plant matter, and provides more surface area for your lips.

Use any sort of cardboard or paper that you have available. Popular choices include the filters from cigarettes. Just make sure it is relatively small so it doesn't interfere with the burning of your joint. You can buy pre-rolled filters at most dispensaries if you're short on time.

STEP 4: Lay your pre-ground weed starting from the filter tip to the end. Start with less weed and increase the amount as you go along to create a cone shape for the final roll.

STEP 4: Roll the joint together and lick the glue side of the paper. This will seal your joint if you find that roll isn't holding together well enough on its own. Gently smooth out any wrinkles in the paper to ensure even joints without too much cannabis.

STEP 5: Pack the end of the joint with a poker or packing tool to avoid gaps and voids. This will help ensure you don't burn through your smoke too quickly.

STEP 6: Finally twist off into a taper for a convenient lighting end.

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No matter if an individual is a medicinal smoker or a social smoker, pre-rolled joints are a must for those short on time or simply looking to get higher. However, smoking poorly made joints can be quite irritating and even lead the uninitiated into thinking that cannabis isn't as great as it seems. When done correctly, however, rolling a perfect joint is a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy your cannabis with friends.

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