MaddStoner Reviews the Mamba Electric Herb Grinder

Who is MaddStoner?

MaddStoner is a well-respected herb enthusiast with a wealth of experience and knowledge that she generously shares with her followers and viewers. She possesses a deep understanding of various herbs and their uses, making her an invaluable resource for those seeking guidance in herb-related matters. MaddStoner's expertise and passion for herbs shine through in her content, making her a trusted source of information in the herb community.


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MaddStoner’s review

After introducing herself, she mentions that she's opting to enjoy her herbs outdoors. For safer herb consumption during the pandemic, it's important to maintain physical distancing from others while enjoying your herbs. MaddStoner sets a great example of practicing safer, Covid-friendly herb consumption. It's commendable to see!

When preparing her herb for grinding, she places a whole herb nug into the grinder without the need to break it into smaller pieces beforehand. With the Mamba grinder, she demonstrates confidence by adding even more herb around the initial piece. She's certain that she'll achieve a substantial amount of perfectly ground herb in no time, and her confidence proves to be justified. Thanks to the Mamba's robust motor and multi-directional grinding plates crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, it effortlessly handles any size of herb.

MaddStoner highlights the impressive Rocker Switch Technology™ featured in the grinder. This technology allows her to switch between right and left turns to gently loosen the herb rather than forcefully breaking it apart. As she starts grinding her densely packed herb with the Mamba, she finds that she doesn't even need to utilize the Rocker Switch! The Mamba operates smoothly and efficiently, dispensing a uniform, fluffy grind directly into her bong. Notice her charming cow-themed bong – it's absolutely adorable!


Mamba Rocker switch


After enjoying a bowl of perfectly ground herb, she playfully refers to herself as "the laziest herb enthusiast imaginable." However, we certainly don't agree with that assessment, MaddStoner! If you're tired of spending your time and effort laboring over a manual grinder, take a cue from MaddStoner and consider investing in an electric dry herb grinder.

MaddStoner concludes by sharing her favorite aspect of the Mamba grinder: its incredible speed. The Mamba can grind herb up to 20 times faster than a manual grinder, eliminating the need for constant checking of progress. Once you power on the Mamba, it efficiently dispenses perfectly fluffy herb through its cone-shaped hygienic dispensing tip at an unmatched speed, making it a standout among other grinders.


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Why you’ll love the Mamba grinder too

Why you’ll love the Mamba grinder too 

MaddStoner talked about how she loves the Rocker Switch Technology™, the incredible speed, and the quality of the grind. We love that the hygienic grinding tip keeps your herb clean, contaminant free, and reduces waste and spillage. There is so much to love about the Mamba, Mamba V2, and Mamba Masher. Each grinder comes with it is own unique features: the Mamba V1 and Mamba V2 for handheld grinding with varying capacities, and the Masher for larger quantities. We truly believe there is a Mamba for everyone!


Another impressed reviewer! You can watch the video here: 


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