Silicone Bongs: A Beginner's Guide

Are you a beginner who is looking for a durable, versatile bong that will produce an unbeatable smoke flavor? Look no further than silicone bongs! Not only are they incredibly sturdy and hardy, but also incredibly functional and easy to use. 

Whether you’re just getting started in the world of cannabis or have been doing it for years, you won’t regret making the investment to get yourself one of these smooth smoking tools. In this post, we’ll cover all you need to know about why silicone bongs make them great options for beginners!

What are Silicone Bongs and Why Should You Consider Them

If you're a fan of smoking and are looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite herb, silicone bongs might just be the way to go. So, what exactly are silicone bongs?

Essentially, they're bongs made out of flexible and durable silicone materials that are designed to be bendable and unbreakable. This makes them an ideal option for those who are looking for a more portable smoking experience. Silicone bongs also typically come with a removable bowl, making cleaning and maintenance much easier.

Plus, the smooth texture of the silicone material makes for a comfortable grip and easy handling. So, if you're in the market for a new bong, why not consider a silicone one? It might just be the change you've been looking for.

The Benefits of a Silicone Bong 

For starters, silicone bongs offer excellent filtration and cooling. Like glass bongs, silicone bongs often have a percolator which filters the smoke through water, making it smoother and cooler on your throat and lungs. 

This reduces any harshness that smoking can cause, and allows for a cleaner, more enjoyable smoking experience. Many silicone bongs also come with ice catchers, which allow you to add ice to the chamber for even cooler hits

Furthermore, silicone bongs are often designed to be used both as a dry pipe and a water pipe. This means that you can switch between the two depending on your mood or preference at the time. The versatility of silicone bongs makes them a great investment, as you can use them in a variety of ways.

Apart from the standard straight tube design, silicone bongs also come in other shapes, such as beakers and bubblers. Beaker-style silicone bongs have a wider base which provides added stability, and are generally larger than straight-tube bongs. 

Bubblers are smaller silicone bongs which are shaped like a pipe, but have a water chamber integrated into the design. This makes them handy to travel with because of their smaller size and ease of use.

Another advantage of using a silicone bong is that they can be easily transported and stored. Since they are lightweight and unbreakable, they are great to take on hikes or camping trips, and are less likely to be damaged during transit. Silicone bongs are also easier to store than their glass counterparts, as they can be bent or folded to fit into tight spaces.

Even though silicone bongs have many advantages over traditional glass bongs, there are some cons to keep in mind. For example, silicone bongs may not be as aesthetically pleasing as glass bongs for some people.

Silicone’s malleable nature may also result in dents or scratches over time, which can affect the overall look of the bong. Additionally, silicone bongs may not provide the same level of smoothness and flavor as glass bongs.

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Different Types of Silicone Bongs

If you're a fan of smoking, you may have considered expanding your collection to include a silicone bong. These pipes offer a unique alternative to glass bongs, and they come in all sorts of styles and designs. From the classic straight tube to the more intricate honeycomb perc, there's a silicone bong for every taste. 

One of the best things about silicone bongs is their durability. They are shatter-proof, making them a great choice for clumsy smokers or anyone who likes to take their bong on-the-go. Plus, they're super easy to clean - just pop them in the dishwasher! So, if you're looking for a versatile and low-maintenance smoking accessory, look no further than a silicone bong.

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How To Use A Silicone Bong

Using a silicone bong is very similar to using any other type of pipe or water pipe. First, fill the chamber with water until it reaches just below the downstem (the part where you put your herbs). Then pack your herbs into the bowl piece (the top part) and place it on top of the downstem before lighting it up!

Once lit, slowly draw air through the mouthpiece while inhaling the smoke from your herbs at the same time - this will create a smooth hit every time!

One important thing to keep in mind when using a silicone bong is to be careful not to heat the material too much. Although it is heat-resistant, it is important to avoid using a lighter directly on the silicone as this can cause it to melt. It is best to use a metal or glass screens when smoking to prevent any direct contact between the flame and the silicone.

How to Clean a Silicone Bong 

How to Clean a Silicone Bong - Mamba Grinders

Cleaning a silicone bong is an essential aspect of maintaining its longevity, functionality and hygiene. Luckily, it's an easy task that won't take up much of your time. Start by removing the bowl or any attachments and emptying any leftover residue from the bong. Then, fill it with hot water and add some dish soap. 

Use a lint-free cloth or soft sponge to scrub the interior of the bong. Rinse it thoroughly with hot water and let it dry completely before using it again. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or brushes as they can damage the silicone material of the bong. Trust us, taking a few minutes to clean your silicone bong will pay off in the long run!

Where To Find Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs can be found at most head shops as well as online retailers such as Smoke Cartel and Aqua Lab Technologies. You can also find them on sites like Etsy which offer handmade pieces from independent artisans around the world! Prices vary depending on size and style but generally range from $20-$50 USD per piece.

Tips for Choosing the Right Silicone Bong for Your Needs 

If you prefer using a smoking device that's easy to clean and durable, then a silicone bong is a great option. However, with numerous models available in the market, it can be tough to choose the right one for your needs. 

When selecting a silicone bong, consider the size, shape, colour, and functionality, along with your personal preferences and smoking habits. If you're looking for something that's easy to store and transport, opt for a compact size. 

If you want a funky-looking bong, then go for a bold shade. Once you have an idea of what you're looking for, browse through different brands to get the best deal. Remember, a silicone bong is an investment, so choose wisely, and soon you'll be toking on a truly amazing device!

Final Thoughts

All in all, silicone bongs offer an affordable and durable alternative to regular glass bongs. With the ability to withstand higher temperatures and fluctuation in water levels, they are ideal for those who don't have time to constantly adjust their bong for optimal performance.

Plus, with a variety of shapes and sizes available, you're sure to find a silicone bong that is perfect for all your smoking needs.

So if you're looking for a sturdier and easier-to-use bong option, consider giving silicone bongs a try! You may just find it's the best way to get smooth and flavorful smokiness, without sacrificing style or quality.

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