Top 9 Best Online Head Shops To Buy Smoking Accessories

Smoking accessories have been around for a long time and their importance cannot be ignored. But the problem is that not only buying the right accessories but picking the best store to buy from. To save your time as well as money, we have compiled a list of 9 Best Online Head Shops To Buy Smoking Accessories.

​What is a Head Shop?

A head shop is specialized online store which offers all kind of smoking accessories like bongs, rolling papers, cigar wraps, hookahs etc. People are buying smoking accessories from shopping websites because it saves their time and makes the product easily available. Also, if you are buying a vaporizer for first time or getting into vaping, then you can find many online vaping brands online.

The online head shops have been quite popular for a long time and some shops offer free shipping and discounts too. You just have to search online, read different online head shop reviews and select the best online head shop that suits your needs.

Smoking accessories found in online head shops

There are many online head shops and online marijuana dispensaries to buy smoking accessories or paraphernalia. You can buy weed supplies without visiting the shop physically (read the rules of the store for any federal or state limitations). Products include:

  • Bongs
  • Rolling papers including pre-rolled cone and tubes,
  • Cigar wraps,
  • Hookahs
  • Glass pipes
  • Vaporizers
  • Manual and Electric Herb Grinders
  • Scales

A List of Popular Online Head Shops

1. Smoke Cartel

Smoke Cartel - Top 9 Best Online Head Shops

Smoke Cartel has a fantastic enthusiasm for artisans and craftsmanship offering a wide range of high-quality glass pipes, water pipes, bubblers, spoonies, oil and dab rigs, as well as all the accessories imaginable. Items follow stringent quality standards backed up by vendor warranty programs. Highly experienced glass enthusiasts, they are committed to ensuring the finest possible service and education on your new smoking device.


2. Dank Stop

Dank Stop - Top 9 Best Online Head Shops


Dank Stop has grown into one of the world's most popular online headshops. Their services include personally shipping packages on the same day from their Edison, NJ facility, finding the best glassblowers, taking product photos, answering customers on cell phones, and a Glass Insurance plan. Find a selection of water pipes, rigs, vaporizers and much more in a wide variety of styles and price ranges.


3. Grasscity

Grasscity - Top 9 Best Online Head Shops


Grasscity was the world's first online smoke shop, establishing in 2000 a simple and innovative approach to purchasing your preferred smoking gear and accessories without leaving your house for the best pricing. With items in every category, this allows them to serve any enthusiast on the planet, whatever the budget. Operating worldwide unlike other headshops, they have warehouses in both Europe and North America, allowing shipping and delivery as soon as possible.


4. 420 Science

420 Science - Top 9 Best Online Head Shops


420 Science has become a nationally recognized and trusted brand because of the relationships they have forged with customers, partners and even competitors. They offer a carefully curated shop with a contemporary and minimalist shopping experience to our informative yet amusing YouTube channel. They support the Marijuana Policy Project and give financial assistance towards marijuana legalization efforts.


5. Hemper

Hemper - Top 9 Best Online Head Shops


Hemper is your one-stop shop for your bongs, vape pens, rolling trays, and flavored rolling paper and cones. Everything comes from a real online smoke shop run by a team of professionals that use the same things you do. They can help you figure out what you need to have the most pleasurable experience possible. Their online smoke shop is constantly being resupplied with the latest products, gadgets, and popular brands of vape pens.


6. Smokea

Smokea - Top 9 Best Online Head Shops


Not only does Smokea have the best variety of products available, but also sells them at a price guaranteed to outmatch the competitors. With discreet packaging, products are sent out as soon as 24 hours after your purchase with an optional Expedited shipping also available. They are also of the few head shops with a loyalty rewards program offering newest discounts and first chances to buy new releases.


7. Herb - Top 9 Best Online Head Shops

Herb provides exciting and informative content to an audience of interested and enthusiastic cannabis users. Their goal is to establish a worldwide community of 100 million cannabis consumers who will be able to discover the world's best cannabis goods. They are committed to freeing every prisoner incarcerated for cannabis throughout the world through our collaboration with Last Prisoner Project and REFORM. The Herb crew is passionate about cannabis, and its legalisation, and is dedicated to bringing it into the mainstream.


8. Its 420 Somewhere

Its420somewhere - Top 9 Best Online Head Shops

They are a well-known online head shop for bongs, water pipes, dab rigs, oil rigs, percs, bubblers, hand pipes, Medtainers, smoking accessories and more. They offer quick same-day discreet free shipping and a No-Hassle Lowest Price+ Guarantee for the best deals. They treat you fairly and honestly. If you reach out to their customer care team, you will get a straight and honest response in a timely and prompt manner without any excuses if there is an issue.

9. Dank Geek

Dank Geek - Top 9 Best Online Head Shops


Dank Geek are a group of enthusiasts providing an inexpensive, enjoyable, simple, and safe shopping experience, including freebies on every order, specials, and more. With Their Rest in Pieces program, if you break equipment during use, you'll be hook you up with a discount for a replacement new item


Bonus: Mamba Grinders

Mamba Grinders - Top 9 Best Online Head Shops

If you are looking to buy good quality electric buy grinders, then look no further than Mamba Grinders. 15 times faster than a traditional manual grinder, these portable electric grinders have sharp diamond-cut teeth that can shred through even the stickiest buds. With a powerful internal motor and a rocker-switch for forward and reverse grinding capabilities, grind your herb for an elevated smoking experience.


Online shopping safety

Shopping online may save you time and money, but it's critical that you take the appropriate precautions. Here are some suggestions for shopping safely online:

- Make sure you use a website with an SSL certificate (look for "HTTPS" at checkout).

- Make sure they have a physical address and phone number on the website.

- If they have one, even call their customer service number with a few questions to confirm they are legit before placing an order

- When possible, use a credit card instead of PayPal, Amazon Payments, or Bitcoin. This ensures that you have the option to dispute any charges if something goes wrong with your purchase.

 - Before buying from a website, look at its customer feedback. There are several review websites that may assist you in determining which sites have good reputations and which should be avoided at all costs!


Online head shops choices should be made depending on your state's rules and regulations. If you are buying a product online then read online head shops reviews and look for customers' testimonials. Also, check if the online head shop offers free shipping to save money on deliveries or if they even if they even ship to your state?.

If you are a beginner in using online headshops, then carefully read the the rules and regulations of that store. Reputable head shops and stores will make these clear and understandable for new customers.

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