What are Pre-Rolled Cone filling Machines? | Benefits | Pros and Cons

Pre-rolled cone filling machines are used to fill pre-rolled paper cones with smoking product or material like tobacco or marijuana. These machines are great for beginners who don't have any experience rolling joints. They are also a great way to save time, as filling cones can be done quickly without any need for rolling mats.

There are both benefits and drawbacks to using pre-rolled cone filling machines. Some of the benefits include being able to fill joints quickly and easily, not having to use rolling mats, and being able to save time.

However, some of the drawbacks include not being able to customize the joint, not being able to control the amount of cannabis that is used, and wasting material and paper if the joint is not properly made or sealed.

Overall, pre-rolled cone filling machines are a quick and easy way to fill joints and enjoy a smoke as soon as possible!

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Benefits of using pre-rolled cone filling machines

Usage of pre-rolled cone filling machines is very easy for an average person who knows how to roll a joints with rolling mats or without any mat, but if you are a newbie then these machines help you greatly to roll your first good quality pre-rolled joint.

You can pick your favorite ones from a wide variety of machines available online and buy them at the most economical price using coupons from any reputed brand.

All in all, these are very helpful for those who roll their cones regularly as they save a lot of time and allow you to enjoy good quality and evenly rolled cones.

Pros and Cons of Using Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machines For Weed

What are pre-rolled cone filling machines - Pros and Cons


The cone filling machine has several pros as well as cons. Some of the advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


1) It is a quick and easy way to roll a blunt because papers come pre-cut with a hole, and some even with filter-tips, which saves a lot of time. The most popular sizes are:

  • Classic 1-1/4, 84mm long. Up to 0.75grams of product
  • Special, 98mm long. Up to 1gram of product
  • King Size, 109mm long. Up to 1.5grams of product

NB. Holding capacity is dependent on the density and texture of the product

2) These pre-rolled cones are easier to pack with your favorite product. No air-gaps or voids in the roll or tube leads to a more even burning of paper without canoeing.

3) You can choose a machine of your choice from a wide variety available online. These machines come in different sizes and shapes so you can choose the best one for your need according to your choice of papers, smoking styles, etc.

4) It saves time and allows you to enjoy good quality and evenly rolled joints. If you are a beginner, pre-rolled cones and pre-rolled cone filling machines help you to roll a good quality blunt which is not possible if you are using rolling mats.

5). Automation, especially for growers or dispensaries. Cone production can be automated with the use of re-rolling equipment. Every cone you manufacture is uniform since everything is automated: there is just nice flavor and no shoddy work. Allow the pre-roll machines to handle every process, from grinding to labeling the pre-rolls.

6). Reduces Costs. Labor expenses are reduced using an automated pre-roll machine. Typically, over 140 cones can be filled by some pre-roll machines in under 60 seconds. This efficiency not only produces more cones that are ready for the shelf in less time, but it also gives the personnel more time to concentrate on more higher-level jobs like customer service.


1) The paper comes already pre-cut with holes which you need to cut once more to make it fit if you have a particular size of the rolling mat.

2) The pre-rolled sizes may not be suited to your preferred capacity of material

3) The cone filler machine is fiddle to use and results in a lot of product wastage.

4) Some cone fillers are large heavy machines that are not portable and need to be plugged into a wall mains electricity supply.

Things to Look Out for When Buying a Pre-rolled Cone Filling Machine

When buying a pre-rolled cone filling machine, you need to check the following:

  1. Quality and standard of the machine
  2. The price of the product
  3. Reputable brands like Mamba Grinders offer the best quality at great prices using coupons which can be gotten if you are first time customer.
  4. Look for machines that can be used with both king size and classic rolling papers.


Examples of Pre Rolled Cone Filling Machines

The King Kone pre-rolled cone filling machine


Here is a brief list of all types of pre-rolled filler machines from a simple manual loader to a large commercial filler.

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1. The King Kone Cone Filling Machine

Perfect for small farms or companies just expanding into pre-rolls. Set up the proper cone filling trays, load the cones, and start filling the top tray with the product. Using electrically powered vibration, it fills up to 169 pre-rolled cones all at once.

Set up the proper cone filling trays, load the cones, and start filling the top tray with your product. Control how hard and fast the cone filling machine is packing. Once filled, just tap to your desired pack and twist the pre-roll closed.

2. The Electric Smart Herb and Spice Grinder, OTTO

Designed by Banana Bros, this is a slimly designed grinder or automatic milling machine with a built-in pre-rolled cone loader. Powered by USB recharging, at the touch of a button it mills your herbs evenly every time.

Featuring a built-in Lithium ion battery, the grinder overcomes its plug-in rivals by being wireless, with each charge producing over 20 rolls. Additionally, the grinder comes with its own set of premium pre-rolled cones made with natural fibres, which enables them to burn evenly and slowly.

3. The packNpuff Cone Loader Pre Roll Machine

This is a plastic cone smoking accessory stand that makes cones quickly and easily with its integrated measuring guide. No special skills or dexterity are required for smokers who don’t have the time or desire to learn how to roll papers for smoking.

Designed for a perfect fit with Simpacti brand of pre rolled cones anbd most other King and1 1/4 pre rolled cones. Includes an integrated measuring guide and wooden packing sticks to create perfect cones your needs

4. Mamba Pre Rolled Cone Loading System

The Mamba Grinder consists of a USB rechargeable Electric grinder with an all-size compatible pre-roll holder and packing stick. Just drop a cone into the holder and cleanly grind bud into it with the easy to use and portable Mamba Grinder.

The Cone Holder is compatible with the popular pre-rolled cone sizes of classic 1-1/4, Special 98mm, and King Size 109mm. Other accessories include the Half-Funnel and packing stick which allow herb containment without voids or spaces.


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Pre-rolled cones save a lot of time and money as they come with a filter tip for less wastage and a perfectly packed cone every time. They are perfect for beginners or those who don’t have the time to learn how to properly roll.

Cone loading machines are also available for those who want faster rolling. These cone loaders are designed in a way that you just have to place the product into it and press a button and it rolls and fills up a cone quickly. The result is a perfectly rolled cone every time with no wastage of product or associated costs.

The easiest pre-rolled cone filling and grinding machines are also available online with added benefits like faster processing and better taste due to the even burning of cones. These grinding and filling machines require lesser effort than other methods and can be easily carried around anywhere you go.

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