Best Weed Pipes For Smoking Weed At Home (Weed Pipes Buying Guide)

Weed pipes are just as important as the quality of your bud. 

The reason you would want a good pipe is because,  a weed pipe will not only look cool but it'll also help with lung health by filtering more tar than other materials.

Whether you're looking to smoke outside, inside, or somewhere in between, there's a pipe perfect for you.  Check out this post to learn more about what we think are the top 12 best weed pipes for smoking weed at home.

What is Weed Pipe and What is it Used for?

A weed pipe is a device made of various materials intended to be used with cannabis. Some cannabis pipes are designed for use with tobacco while others are meant only for marijuana consumption and cannabis concentrates, cannabis oil or other cannabis extracts. Cannabis waterpipes range in size from small glass "straws" that can typically accommodate about 1 cannabis cigarette's worth of cannabis to huge bongs that can hold as much cannabis as six cannabis cigarettes.

Some weed pipes are made from materials such as silicone, ceramic and plastic which do not produce dangerous fumes when heated to the point where cannabis is burned and inhaled. Weed smoking devices come in all shapes and sizes and can be crafted from cannabis glass or cannabis stone, as well as other materials.

Types Of Weed Pipes


Types Of Weed Pipes


- Bongs: Weed water pipe designed for cannabis smoking. Bongs can be made from cannabis glass or cannabis stone, as well as other materials such as wood and acrylic.

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- Bowls: Weed pipe that looks like a bowl with a tiny spoon on the end of it. Although many bongs have built-in bowls that will work just fine if a separate weed bowl is not available.

- Bubblers: A cannabis water pipe with a water chamber and "carb" (a tiny hole to clear the cannabis smoke from the cannabis smoking device). Bubblers are typically small enough to be concealed in the palm of your hand when cannabis is smoked from them.

- Buckets [or "bucket bongs"]: Weed water pipe with a round cannabis bowl on one end and a cylindrical cannabis smoke-cooling chamber on the other.

- Gravitron: A type of gravity bong in which a hole in the side of an upside-down bucket is blocked by a finger, and cannabis smoke fills the bucket until high pressure builds up and cannabis smoke is forced through the cannabis smoking device, allowing cannabis smokers to inhale cannabis from cannabis waterpipes.

- Hand Pipes: Small cannabis smoking devices that are typically shaped like a cannabis cigarette, cigar or "blunt" (a cannabis cigarillo) and intended to be held in your hand while you smoke cannabis.

- Pipes: A general term for all cannabis smoking devices that do not require water to smoke cannabis from.

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Weed Pipes Buying Guide

No matter what type of weed pipe you choose to smoke weed out of, there are a few different features that must be considered when making your weed pipe purchase. The size and shape of weed bowls vary so it is important to get one that suits your weed smoking needs and weed smoking style.

1. If you want a weed bowl for weed wax, there are weed pipes made specifically for marijuana concentrates. Some weed smoking devices feature carb holes that allow cannabis smokers to clear all of the cannabis smoke from cannabis water pipes before each hit.

2. The weed bowl shape is also an important factor, as some weed smoking devices are meant to be held in your hand while you take cannabis hits and others can be set down on a flat surface after cannabis is smoked. Pipes made for cannabis concentrates must be strong and thick to withstand the heat of cannabis wax.

3. The majority of cannabis bongs come equipped with a bowl piece that fits into the top, where cannabis is ground up and packed into the weed bowl. Some do not have built-in bowls and require smokers to supply their bowl pieces.

4. The size and shape of cannabis bongs vary widely, so cannabis smokers should be familiar with the cannabis water pipe they are purchasing beforehand to ensure it is the right size and shape to suit their cannabis smoking needs.

Recommended Best Weed Pipes

We have broken our list into several categories so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Pipes With Unique Artistic Design 


Pipes With Unique Artistic Design_Best Weed Pipes


From design classics and unique artistic creations to practical designs with deep bowls, carbs (that hole on the side of the pipe that lets you control airflow), and a few that come apart for easier packing and cleaning. Here are some weed pipes for the discerning smoker.

1. The Cob Pipe by The Green Cannabis Co. is an "old-timey" classic design straight from the books of Mark Twain. Made from sustainable materials so you can smoke soundly with a green-conscious

2. The most expensive weed pipe under this category is the $95 Ghost Peach Pipe Flower by Edie Parker. An expertly hand-blown glass pipe with a peach motif with other crafted pipes is also available

3. For the tech-minded smoker, the Nomad One-Hitter Pipe by Tetra offers a brass-and-aluminium design. The Nomad opens with a trough that carries about .5g of bud, then magnetically seals itself shut again - very clever!


Pipes That Can Be Easily Found in Headshops


Pipes found in headshops_best weed pipes


1. The Cannabox Lemon Hand Pipe is our top recommendation in this category and with good reasons. Though a basic cannabis pipe, its vibrant yellow and a delicate green leaf lemon is a novel design. And its mini size fits perfectly in the hand for easy travel and discreet smoking.

NB: Cannabox is a well established online head store with a complete range of smoking accessories. Being a respected store, they know a thing or two about great products and what their customers look for in weed pipes.

2. For a classic 80s hand-crafted glass pipe, Keith Haring Spoon Pipe displays iconic artwork using a hand-applied and heat-resistant design. For the art-loving smoker, its flat mouthpiece and wide-rimmed base results in a unique style.


Budget and Premium Weed Pipes 


Budget and Premium Weed Pipes


Here is a list for those on a practical budget or seekers of premium models.

1. Starting with The Everyman's Bowl - Simple Glass Spoon Hand Pipe - the cheapest one listed at $9.99. Colorful old fashioned spoon pipes that are simple, affordable, and made well.

2. To the $99 Canada Puffin Arctic Bubbler. An expertly handcrafted glass and wood pipe, with each piece, is fashioned from hearty Canadian grown Maple wood.


Glass and Metal Pipes


Glass and metal pipe_best weed pipes


Don't waste any smoking time and gets down to business with a straightforward top ten list of glass and metal pipes.

1. The Session Goods Pipe is interestingly made of thick tinted black borosilicate glass. With its eye-catching and classy design, a coloured silicone carry sleeve is also supplied to keep the pipe safe and sound wherever you take it

2. The stainless steel Solopipe is uniquely a self-igniting pipe that’s perfect for travel - a built-in refillable lighter is right next to the bowl! Simply load a bowl and click on the lighter and it pulls directly into the herb. Never beg for a lighter ever again!

One-Hitter Pipes


One Hitter Pipes_best weed pipes


From the one-hitter to the award-winning designs, choosing the best ones on the market. We have selected three notable ones.

1. With the signature of the Dogg Father himself, the Snoop Dogg Pounds Friendship Sherlock Pipe is an impressive borosilicate glass hand pipe. A solid and sturdy piece with beautiful smoky color and is sure to be a hit (pun most intended!).

2. The Eyce Hammer features an all-silicone body with a removable glass bowl that’s great for cleaning with the included metal poker. Not only delivering a superb smoke, but it also has a colorful and novel design with a body that is almost impossible to break

3. Looking for a beautiful, simplistic design inspired by the scales of the Mako Shark? Yeah, me too. The MAKO - SHARK PIPE device is built out of anodized recyclable aluminum, with a titanium coated stainless steel filter and rare earth magnets. Everything needed for durability, smoke quality, and cleanness.


With hundreds of designs and price points available, it can be difficult to know what features and characteristics are important when picking out your cannabis paraphernalia.

First, consider what type of smoking experience you want. If you’re looking for something simple and portable then perhaps a one-hitter would be best for you. If you’re looking to smoke cannabis products efficiently and easily then a weed pipe might be the just-right choice for you.

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