Herb Grinders for Those Suffering from Arthritis & Hand Injuries

Oktober 14, 2020 3 min read

Herb Grinders for Arthritis & Hand-Injuries

If you suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other condition that makes results in difficulty in performing tasks with your hands, herb grinding can seem like an unfriendly world.


After all, most hand grinders require two-handed operation. 


And besides requiring two hands to operate, they can be difficult to turn. 

Herb density and the friction between the plates themselves can make it particularly challenging, and many have smooth outsides that are difficult to grip. 


These grinders are not well-designed for those with troubles with manual dexterity.

Herbs are supposed to help you relax and enjoy life, so it is only natural to be on the lookout for an herb grinder that doesn’t add unnecessary difficulty into the process. 

So, this post is going to focus on what sorts of grinders allow for full-function without requiring serious effort from the user.

Electric Herb Grinders: Best for Arthritis and Disabilities

If you’ve been reading our other blog posts, you’re probably aware that we are pro-electric herb grinder. 

There are enough advantages in these electric units to outweigh the disadvantages of hand grinders, and with new battery and charging technology, hand grinders no longer offer any advantage over electric.

But if you suffer from arthritis or have difficulty using both hands for an activity like grinding herbs, an electric grinder offers you a whole new ability to enjoy the same grind you may have enjoyed in the past. 

Let’s explain:

  • Electric grinders use a motor to provide the force for grinding: no more cumbersome hand grinder to wear out your wrists.
  • Electric grinders are faster, so even if you are able to use a manual hand grinder, switching to electric will save you time and have you enjoying your herbs like never before.
  • Many electric grinders offer one-handed operation, which takes their ease of use to a whole new level.

It’s worth noting here that the battery-powered electric Mamba grinder offers all of these benefits, and takes it further to provide you with a fun grinding experience. 

The Mamba is perfectly balanced and fits beautifully in your hand: when using it, you’re using a high-quality precision tool that is the perfect companion for anyone who has difficulties using a hand grinder.

Temporary Disabilities

A member of our team once suffered a severe hand injury. 

While at home, they were distracted and touched a hot stove top, and received serious burns to the palm and fingers of their right hand. 

Although they have since recovered, the burns prevented them from many of their regular activities.

Think about it: such an injury can happen to anyone.  If you can’t grip with a hand, how many activities would become impossible or extremely difficult?

We should all strive to be better prepared for catastrophes in our lives.  One such way to do this is investing in tools that make regular activities easier, and going with a high-quality electric grinder is a way to do this for your herbal activities.

Health today does not guarantee health tomorrow: go with an electric grinder to put some contingency planning into your herb grinding.


If you are suffering from arthritis or any other condition that takes traditional hand grinders out of the equation for you, then we hope this post convinces you to go with a one-handed electric herb grinder. 

Have hope! 

There are options for you that can take stress and strain out of enjoying your herbs.

Anyone can benefit from an herb grinder that is easier and faster to use.  Trust us, if you go with a Mamba electric grinder you won’t look back, no matter what your health status, but why wait until something happens that makes it impossible to use your hand grinder?

We don’t know what the future will bring, but we do know that a good electric grinder will bring relaxation back to the act of grinding your herbs!

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