The Definitive Guide to Herb Grinders [Updated for 2021]

Oktober 12, 2020 7 min read

Whether you have experience with herb grinders and are looking to learn more or are completely new to this topic, this guide was written for you. 

Although there are other guides available online that cover this topic, we thought necessary to compile our experience into one place and to spend time discussing the differences between hand grinders and electric grinders.

Herbs should be enjoyed: after all, their entire purpose is to improve the taste, aroma, and appearance to whatever they are added to.  Herbs are meant to increase pleasure, and so it only makes sense to have the right tools available to make the most out of your herbal enjoyment.

The Ultimate Guide to Herb Grinders in 2021

Welcome, let’s get to it and learn about herb grinders!  Here are the sections that we’ll cover:

  • What is an herb grinder?
  • The different types of herb grinders
  • How to use an herb grinder?
  • How to grind herb with a grinder?
  • Our thoughts on the best grinder to buy

Enjoy, and we hope that this guide article will help you in your future purchases!

What is an Herb Grinder?

Herb grinders are devices that, well, grind herbs.  The basic way they work is this:

  • You put dried herb into the grinder, and;
  • Through it’s grinding mechanism, the grinder shreds and cuts the herb to reduce it into smaller particles.

These fantastic little machines, built from a variety of different materials, are able to change different herbs and plant material from large, full-sized pieces into smaller pieces better suited for whatever you want to use your herbs. 

Why grind your herbs?

To get flavour out of herbs, their surface area needs to be increased to expose the flavour.  This is what a grinder does, and it allows for herbs to release their flavour and aroma.

So why not just buy pre-ground herbs?


Over time, weed can become stale.  The more broken apart they are, the quicker this process occurs.  Pre-ground herbs from the store were likely ground a long time ago, and much of their flavour and value has been lost to the time between grinding and final use.

To preserve the positive qualities of your weed, it is best to keep them intact until they are needed.  Then, a grinder can be used to prepare them for your planned activity.

If you are using a vaporizer to enjoy the herb, achieving a consistent, fine grind is essential for the vaporizer to do its job, so in such a situation a grinder is a must-have item.

The Different Types of Herb Grinders

Hand Grinders

Most people reading this article are likely familiar with a hand grinder.  These simple, hand-operated devices contain teeth on plates that grind herbs by being rotated against each other.

Hand grinders come in a variety of materials: most common are metals such as aluminum, and hard plastics like acrylic.  There are even wooden ones on the market. 

When selecting a hand grinder, it is best to go with metal, even though they will likely cost more, because the strong teeth will last for many more grinds than any other material.

Although fairly simple in design, hand grinders often contain magnets to help the ends stay together while grinding and many units have multiple chambers to allow the user to filter the ground herbs into multiple sizes.

Advantages of hand grinders are often lower price (although the cheapest hand grinders will fail quickly, so you’ll end up spending more eventually) and simplicity.  They are also fairly portable, and there are a lot of different options whether buying online or from a store.

They are not without their disadvantages, though. 

Hand grinders are slow to use and require both hands, so after a big grinding job you may feel sore and if you have health concerns related to their operation, they may not be an option for you at all. 

They can also be inconsistent in the grind they produce if they are low quality, and their seals and magnets can fail. 

Finally, units with multiple chambers are difficult to clean, so be prepared to spend the time in their care and maintenance.

Novelty Grinders

Some grinders are simply novelties and not really up to the task of grinding.  They may be decorative or made out of weak materials, and while they can make nice ornaments or gifts, they are not suited for use in herb grinding because they will ultimately prove unreliable.

Hint: if you’ve found a nice-looking plastic grinder that is a fraction of the price of the competition, it will eventually let you down.

Electric Grinders

Electric grinders really are the way to go, and are quickly becoming the standard go-to device for ripping up herbs. 

In its simplest form, an electric grinder uses an electric motor and power source to power a mechanism similar in design to a hand grinder.

Electric grinders solve a lot of the issues with hand grinders: 

  • They take the effort out of grinding. 
  • They speed up the process (some, like the Mamba, are up to 20 times faster than hand grinders). 
  • And the right electric grinders can be operated with one hand, making the process of grinding the herb and then applying it simpler and cleaner than what any hand grinder can do.


Of all the electric grinders available, one of the best on the market is the Mamba Electric Grinder: it uses aluminium teeth for durability and allows for ergonomic one-handed operation.  

How to Use an Herb Grinder

Herb grinders work by catching and then tearing plant material between teeth moving in opposing directions from each other.  This is the basic action that produces the grind.

Hand Grinders

Most hand grinders are composed of plates with teeth that can be taken apart.  When apart, an herb can be loaded into the teeth and then the plates put back together.  When the ends of the grinder are turned by hand, the teeth grind the herb.

Some of these grinders have multiple compartments and screens that allow the ground herb to be separated by size.  Once grinding is complete, the grinder has to be taken apart for the ground herbs to be dumped out.

Electric Grinders

Electric grinders typically use the same basic method as hand grinder to grind the herb, and the major difference is that the rotating action of the plates is powered by an electric motor. 

To load these units, the plates are separated, herb is loaded, the plates are put back together, and the grinder is turned on to produce the grind.

An advantage of electric grinders is that the grinding teeth compartment is often combined with a screen and dispensing mechanism that allows fully-ground herb to fall through into whatever container you are using to catch the grind.  This helps ensure the grind is consistent: large pieces remain in the grind until they are shredded to the right size, and material that is ground leaves the grinder instead of remaining inside to potentially clog the grinder.

Due to their electric operation, these types of grinders can often be combined with ergonomic controls that allow for one-handed operation, which makes grinding simpler. 

Some also have special compartments for loading your herbs, and if this is the case grinding is made even easier and cleaner. 

It is worth noting that all these positive features of electric grinders are included in the Mamba V1 battery-powered grinder.

How to Grind Herb with a Grinder

And now, a quick and dirty explanation of how to use a grinder for those interested in getting down to the grind!

Hand Grinders
  1. Clean grinder if not already clean.
  2. Load herb into separated plates, making sure that no material will damage or constrict the grinder’s seals.
  3. Put plates together, and then turn the grinder until desired grind is obtained.  It may be necessary to open the grinder throughout grinding to see how much more is needed to get to the consistency you want.
  4. Carefully open your grinder and dump the contents into a container.  Since these grinders can be messy, it may be best to have something to catch stray material, such as a paper funnel.
  5. Clear and dry grinder prior to storing.

Electric Grinders
  1. Open grinder loading compartment and load herbs.
  2. With the dispensing end of your grinder over your container of choice, turn on the grinder and let it operate until all herbs are ground.
  3. Clean and dry grinder prior to storing.

So, What is the Best Grinder to Buy?

This article is a simple guide to herb grinders, but given the extensive thoughts and experience that went into writing it, we feel it is necessary to offer our humble opinion on which are the best grinders to buy.

First, the biggest debate is whether or not to go with an electric or hand-operated grinder. 

Let us be clear here: we believe that electric grinders are the way to go. 

There have been so many advances in electrical technology, batteries, and grinding mechanisms that it is safe to say these grinders have surpassed hand-grinders in every way.

Some may prefer hand grinders due to their simplicity, reliability, and portability, but there are electric grinders that now satisfy these criteria as well. 

Simply put, a high-quality electric grinder is capable of outlasting reputable hand grinders, and with new battery technology, they are just as portable and versatile.

Which electric grinder to buy?

There are many great options out there. 

We recommend the Mamba electric grinder, though, because it checks the box for every advantage that electric grinders have: it is stylish, portable, high-quality, fast, durable, battery-operated, and is easy to use with its ergonomic one-handed design. 

It is fun to buy different units to play around with grinds and see which you prefer, but if you want to get your purchase right the first time, we say go with a Mamba.

We hope you enjoyed our Definitive 2021 Guide to Herb Grinders

There is a lot of information out there, so we hope this makes your search for the perfect herbal grinder simpler.

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