Bubblers vs Bongs: Differences | How To Choose The Right One

Today, smoking remains the most popular and convenient way to enjoy your strain of choice. However, water pipes, bubblers and bongs, offer an alternative device that utilizes water for filtration and cooling purposes. More enjoyable compared to joints or blunts as it provides different sensations in regards to temperature or feelings on inhalation/exhalation. You're able to experience all different flavors at high volumes and without having any second-hand smoke!

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Comparing The Bong and Bubbler

Bong vs Bubbler - Pros and  Cons


General Similarities

Bongs and Bubblers are the common names given to water pipe vaporizers. The water in the bong or bubbler is held in a chamber and cools as smoke passes through it, filtering out unwanted substances like ash. It also provides a smoother hit due to its filtration process.

Borosilicate Glass is used for crafting most smoking devices  - this special kind has been designed with higher durability qualities so you can enjoy them even more when using high temperatures. Some devices come equipped not just one chamber but multiple ones; some may have up to 6 chambers which provide better filtrating abilities than others depending on the desired effect

Size and Design Differences

The Bong

The average bong is going to be up to two times larger than your standard bubbler pipe. This makes it perfect for when you want a good smoke at home but doesn't want the hassle or risk of putting something valuable on display! With an extra-strong base, you can rest it on your lap as you rip or leave in front of yourself without worrying about damaging anything!

They're large and complex, consisting of a chamber attached to a long tube that can hold plenty of smoke before you need it again! Larger bong models will require two hands while lighting them if done alone as well- so best used when sitting on your couch or lawn with friends who want in on partying too.

They also feature a detachable bowl with downstems that can act as percolators for even more filtration of your smoke in addition to serving as the mouthpiece at times too! This offers many benefits such as diffusion (to make hits taste better) due to their percolator design which filters out some harmful toxins present without sacrificing flavor at all

Bong models come in all sorts of shapes from trees shaped like honeycombs (yes they exist) or spirals; there's even one model which looks just like an artwork piece? Also, optional accessories give users plenty of options when customization their smoking experience

The Bubbler

Bubbler pipes have smaller sizes that make them much easier and more discreet for carrying around in your purse or pocket without getting noticed by those nearby! Smaller than bongs which means they're much easier to conceal, hide or transport - just pack some water with them. Think of a compact and portable-sized bong with even mini-sized bubblers available.

Often crafted by two or more pieces, they're simple and comfortable to smoke with only one hand and use significantly less water than a traditional bong because of their design features eg. fixed downstems that don't come out for percolation purposes while still providing enough vapor volume.

Bubbler models vary in style more so it can range anywhere from just having an open mouthpiece on top; some also have inline slits where you would slide your finger through before inhalation while holding onto the handle below as well- these provide diffusion which helps make them easier on sensitive throats during those long sessions

Versatility Differences

Dabbing is becoming increasingly popular, and many people want a piece that can do both - handle flowery dank flowers as well as terpy extracts. Nowadays it's easy enough to adapt most glass-on glass bongs with nails for dabbing, but there are some drawbacks when using them in large bowls or chambers where more volume will degrade your concentrate quickly because these nugs have less surface area compared to other types such as acrylic nail which also works great if you're into vaping!

There are many different bubblers for you to choose from, with a wide range of options and styles. Some have built-in push bowls or downstems that make it so dab nails are can’t be used. They offer all the same benefits as other pipes including being able to burn trees while vaping oils out of one handy device.

If you like to take big rips and smoke cigarettes, then go for a bong. If it's smooth hits that keep your taste buds interested all day long (and don't hurt the lungs), get yourself one of these handy bubblers!

Smoking Experience

A bong and bubbler both use water chambers to cool the smoke down so it's smoother on your lungs. This works to filter out toxins as well, making them an excellent choice for those looking into healthier alternatives with no harshness or sting in their breath after smoking.

The major difference between a bong and a bubbler is the smoking experience each offers. One has more filtration, while the other provides smoother hits with less harshness to them; both offer benefits such as filtering out toxins in your smoke due to their ability to cool it down before you inhale it (making those hit last longer!).

The larger water chamber in a bong allows you to take bigger hits, and the smoke may taste better too. Their built-in percolator makes sure that all ingredients burn evenly which results in a smoother high; while adding ice gives out a cooler sensation making this type a great option for those who want extra intense feeling from their weed adventure

Bongs can be customized with different attachments, like nails and downstems. They are usually larger so that they're easy to pass around among friends - you could even purchase an individual-sized bong if you prefer private sessions instead

When you want to enjoy your favorite smoke without the harshness that comes from smoking marijuana too much, use a bubbler. This type of water pipe has an extra long neck and chamber so it can hold more liquid than other models before releasing them into our lungs; this makes for smoother hits especially if they're shorter than what's being smoked in!

Bubblers also make great beginner kits because their simple design means there isn't as much risk involved when learning how these things work. Their nice, smooth hit is especially helpful if you're smoking with someone who doesn't smoke as much. Its long neck and smaller bowls work well when beginning smokers need lower tolerance levels, giving them more time before they have any real effects from THC!

Cost and Maintenance

A bong or bubbler is a great investment that will last you a long time. The choice between a bong and bubbler comes down to cost, size of the design, ease in replacing broken pieces like bowls or stems. Bubblers tend to be cheaper and cleaner than their bigger counterparts because they're easier to replace broken bowls or downstems with one-piece units.

You can replace the bowl if it breaks, but both options should be cleaned regularly with water and debris removed from them once in a while so they don't get moldy or dirty looking. Brown colored smoke signifies when this needs attention; an unpleasant smell means cleaning time has come around again!

Cleaning your smoking equipment can be a hassle but it's often easier to take apart pieces like bongs as they are made of separate components. Bubblers, which can’t be separated, need cleaning more often because they are smaller and dirt gets trapped in their small chamber quicker than with regular bowls.

To clean just use hot filtered tap water then go back over them again, after straining off any residue, using salt and rubbing alcohol solution poured and shaken inside (cotton buds and pipe cleaners can be used for small places and joints), and remember to thoroughly rinse out later.

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When to use a bong instead of a bubbler and vice versa


Comparing The Bong and Bubbler


Overall a glass water bong is ideal for the homebody or the one who wants to unwind after a long day of work. If you’re a regular smoker or need a heavy-hitter smoking experience, the bong is right for you. A bong is typically a lot bigger and sturdier than a bubbler, ideal for smoking at home. The wide base allows you to set it down on your coffee table and prevents the likelihood of spilling.

A bubbler is usually more popular with beginner smokers or those who want a more discreet, versatile smoking experience. The designs and looks are endless. Some styles like our original scientific hammer, sherlock & double chamber bubblers have become so popular, they are a standard in the smoking industry. If you want easy maneuverability, or are always on the go and want something that’ll work great for both dabs and bowls, a bubbler is perfect for you.


Summary (Pros And Cons Of Using  Bongs


  • Difficult to clean with their larger sizes and multiple intricate percolators.

  • Requires more cleaning solutions and have to handle more parts.
  • Easier to thoroughly clean inside, joints and parts since it disassembles


  • Can be expensive. The more complex the design eg. the more filters the more you can expect to pay for it.

  • Not all bongs are made of the same, high-quality glass e

Taste and Experience

  • Every hit will be consistent and taste equally good and clean

  • Delivers bigger, robust and direct hits than a bubbler. Great for people with a higher tolerance

  • Allows you to smoke longer because of a larger bowl and more for sharing

  • Requires more water and weed to effectively use

  • Supports a wide array of smoking accessories, like ash catchers, to fine-tune your smoking experience.

Size, Design and Accessories

  • Difficult to transport, store and aren’t discreet. It is better suited for in-home use

  • Bigger and sturdier with bigger mouthpieces

  • Is noisier to use than a bubbler and not very inconspicuous

  • Needs two hands. Can be hard to hold in use

  • Come in many different shapes and sizes

  • More potential to be customized with accessories, like extra diffusers/percolators, mouthpieces, bowls

  • Their size, build and intricate art designs make great conversation points!


  • Customizable with different mouthpieces bowls, added exotic percolators for  different taste experiences

  • Is noisier to use than a bubbler


Summary (Pros And Cons Of Using a Bubbler)


  • The smaller size makes cleaning simpler and faster. Just place into a plastic bag with cleaning solution and shake to wash.

  • Smaller size means the bubbler gets dirty faster.

  • Their one-piece design and lack of disassembly make them more difficult to clean thoroughly.


  • Bubblers can be a cheaper alternative to a bong with minimal parts and smaller size

Taste & Experience

  • The middle ground between a dry piece and a big water pipe. Not as smooth as a bong, but not as rough as a dry piece

  • Quieter hit and shorter smoking time hit than a bong because of smaller bowl size and less water.

  • On the other hand, the smaller size helps to condense your smoke, increasing the flavor in hits

  • More versatile for dabbing. Dabbing out of rigs with smaller water chambers maximize flavors compared to lengthy bongs

Size, Design and Accessories

  • Durable build and good for transport

  • Easy to handle because of their compact size and be carried without the risk of damage.

  • The smaller size makes it more portable and these are typically made of denser glass.

  • Easy to handle with just one hand

  • It’s a simple one-piece design with fewer chances for failure or non-working components

  • You do not need to add accessories and gives you all you need to use

  • Can’t be fully customized to satisfy particular needs


  • The diffusion is simpler and straightforward.
  • Most bubblers have simple percolators with two or three holes for delivery
  • Water should be changed more frequently

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