Looking To Grow Your Community? Here Are 33 Cannabis Forums You Should Follow

If you’ve ever wanted to join a cannabis-loving community, or get some helpful tips about your weed use, then cannabis forums are for you. This blog post will give you the most updated list of cannabis forums that will keep you in the loop and help you connect with marijuana enthusiasts all around the world.

These forums cover everything from medical marijuana, growing marijuana, science behind cannabis plants, tips and tricks for smoking weed.

Let's Dive Straight Into It...Top Cannabis Forums for you.

1. Grasscity Forum 

This is a good forum for... really whatever you are looking for. There is information about toking tools (including bongs, bubblers, and water pipes), information about growing marijuana, using medical marijuana, smoking and the use of marijuana, and the latest news about marijuana in all sectors.

There are different zones, such as the Marijuana News Articles section and the so-called Chill out Zone, which covers more social and personal topics about people’s, other hobbies. This forum is perfect for anyone who wants to get tips on how to grow their own cannabis, connect with other marijuana enthusiasts, or just stay up-to-date on the latest news in the world of weed.

2. Roll it up

This forum is one of the biggest cannabis forums online with 860,000 users as of January 2020 and it covers general, cultivation and medical topics.

It is definitely a premium cannabis forum for those wanting to learn to grow cannabis, and there are many connections with Canada’s true craft growing culture. The Roll it Up forum is great for finding information about growing cannabis, as well as discussing general and medical cannabis topics with other enthusiasts.

3. THC Farmer

This forum, as you can imagine, focuses on lifestyle, cultivation and medical topics. It is very user-friendly and perfect for those focused on growing weed. Learn from experienced growers about all topics related to growing marijuana, growing your own weed easy, advanced cannabis cultivation tips and more.

The THCFarmer cannabis forum is perfect for growers of all levels of experience, from novice to pro. They keep a friendly and informative community at their forum regardless of your level of experience, so you can always learn something new

4. 420 Magazine

This forum has been one of the most active cannabis forums in Canada and the U.S for the last decade, and it boasts about 100,000 online and active members at a time, so there are plenty of people to talk to.

Since its founding in 1993, 420 Magazine, based in Hollywood, California, has been providing cannabis knowledge to thousands of people every day. The largest medical marijuana media outlet presently servicing over 100,000 daily visitors, 150,000 registered members, and more than 2 million followers on social media.

5. Canadian Weed Forum

For those Canadians out there, this forum focuses on Canadian cannabis discussion and is tailored towards Canadian cannabis law. There are community topics focused on strains, consumption and provincial and international cannabis law.

This forum is the perfect place for Canadian cannabis enthusiasts to connect and discuss all things cannabis-related and includes discussions on strains, legalization, and more. If you're looking for a place to chat with other Canadians about weed, this is the forum for you!

6. Open Grow

This forum is a great one for cannabis growers. It has information about growing cannabis indoors and outdoors, all the tips and tricks, and even genetic information about the plants. You can also find information about marijuana strains, where to buy seeds, and how to grow different types of weed.

There are many different strains and genetic differences in cannabis out there, so if you are a hardcore cannabis grower, this is the forum for you. You can learn about all the different strains, how to grow them, and what the effects will be. This is a great place to get started if you want to grow your own cannabis plants

7. THC Talk 

This forum has some specific rules and an FAQ page that you should read if you’re interested in joining. It ensures that members are personal cannabis growers, rather than ‘cash croppers’, making this a close-knit and focused forum. While it is about growing marijuana, there are forums for novices, so beginners are welcome.

8. IC Mag

This stands for International Cannagraphic Magazine, and it’s quite an active and vibrant community of people interested in marijuana. It is a magazine that has its own vendors and there is a forum topic called "ICMag Vendor Forums" that helps seed banks and other vendors reach out to their target audience with updates and information. This means members of this forum can stay up to date with that family.

A world-wide group of marijuana cultivators, campaigners, businesspeople, photographers, breeders, merchants, and patients. Members share their cannabis growing knowledge, strategies, and experiences in a variety of languages. For both beginners and experts, their  Grow Reports, Tutorials, Strainguide, and Galleries provide a plethora of information and pictures. On ICMag, there's always something new to discover!

9. Marijuana Growing

While this forum community is slightly smaller than some others, it appeals to people who prefer to research information rather than chat and interact on a daily basis.

The forum was presented by Jorge Cervantes, who wrote the New Marijuana Horticulture Bible. He is a world-renowned cannabis cultivation expert, and he offers up some great advice and tips on this forum. If you want to learn about growing cannabis plants, then this is the place to be.

10. Free Cannabis

This forum covers lifestyle, cultivation, and medical topics, and while it’s a relatively new forum, it’s good for people wanting to focus on seed exchanges and a marketplace for cannabis growing supplies.

For the business marijuana enthusiast, this is the perfect forum. It offers a comprehensive guide to setting up and running a successful cannabis business. Whether you're looking to start your own grow operation or open a dispensary, this forum has the information you need to get started.


Cannabis Forums For Cannabis Enthusiasts

11. Future4200

This forum has topics such as cannabis extraction and concentrates, and members can have an opportunity to interact with other industry professionals.

A very open forum, dedicated to scientific research, that imposes very few rules and does very little moderation. A shared community resource, a place to share skills, knowledge and interests through ongoing conversation.

12. Marijuana Passion

Marijuana Passion is a really chilled forum and has sections such as Bud of the Month and Marijuana Photography. This is a great place to share your passion for cannabis with others, and get feedback on your photos or strains.

There are lots of photos on the forums as well, along with deeply focused information on advanced cultivation and CBD. This makes Marijuana Passion a great place for those who want to learn more about cannabis, whether it's the medical benefits, how to grow your own, or just how to enjoy it.

13. My Ganja Planet

This forum has sections dedicated to a ‘Garden Center’ about stories of growing cannabis as well as other things like mushrooms, veggies, and fruits, and a ‘High Society’ which is more personal and chill.

Even though it's a smaller forum, it's still educational and helpful, especially if you're willing to scroll through earlier postings. However, among its user base, some topics are highly current and lively. Since you won't have to comb through countless posts and users, this is the ideal chance to establish long-lasting relationships with other online users.

14. Cannabis Drug Forums

If you're just starting out with cannabis, the Cannabis Drug Forums are a great place to start. This forum is for beginner cannabis users and includes basic discussion, so beginners are very welcome. You can find information on everything from growing your own cannabis to choosing the right strain for you.

 This forum doesn’t include marijuana cultivation, but it does include breeding, types of cannabis grown, techniques, tips, tricks, and local regional discussion from around the world.

15. Marijuana Hip Forums

If you're looking for a cannabis forum that covers a variety of topics, Marijuana Hip Forums is worth checking out. This site isn't totally dedicated to marijuana, but it has tons of threads of a wide variety, including the' stoners lounge ', 'marijuana price watch' and 'cannabis news'.

It is suitable for the younger marijuana enthusiasts out there. It includes basic cannabis discussions and is really a chill place to hang out and connect with younger people. Some of the more popular threads on the forum include 'what are you smoking?', 'favorite strains' and 'tricks for new smokers'.

16. Sensi Social Medical Marijuana Forums

There are a range of cool topics covered in this forum. From strain and ailment discussion, to medical marijuana, growing and healthy cooking.  There’s truly something for everyone.

This forum is dedicated to both cultivating medicinal marijuana and helping people who require it. It naturally includes details regarding medical marijuana news and events as well as scientific study, just like everything else related to the drug. Additionally, its cooking and edibles section, makes it ideal for people who don't like to smoke.

17. Strain Hunters Forums

This is a cannabis grower's dream. This forum covers strain hunting, growing, genetics, seeds, and regional discussion on cannabis strains. This forum focuses primarily on identifying the top strains the globe has to offer.

Its forum members or hunters are physically traveling to different locations in search of the greatest strains, and forum participants can offer specific recommendations for the hunters' future stops. The usual subjects including medical strains, extraction techniques, marijuana cultivation, and seed testing are also covered.

18. Grow Weed Easy

This forum is great because it’s basically dedicated to anything related to growing marijuana, and promotions and sales are not allowed. However, reviews and sharing of experiences and products are encouraged.

The purpose of this forum is to allow growers from around the world to share their growing knowledge, pictures and videos with each other in a friendly social setting. Just post anything related to growing marijuana!

19. Cannabis Culture

This forum covers the overall culture of marijuana rather than focusing on growing it. It also covers news, activism, and politics. It can also be a great place to find the next cannabis event near you.

Their main website is still recognized as one of the best sources for information due to our highest-standard journalism and news delivery about cannabis-related politics, activism, growing information, entertainment and more.

20. Bluelight: Cannabis Discussion

This forum is for the science lovers out there. It covers the science and social sciences surrounding cannabis. It is described as an ‘intelligent discussion of basic and advanced cannabis related topics’. This forum is for those who are analytical or data-driven and are interested in marijuana.

Bluelight is an international, online, harm-reduction community committed to reducing the harms associated with drug use. They believe that through frank and open discussion, accurate information is presented to eliminate misinformation and empower individuals to make wiser, more responsible choices

21. OZ Stoners

Despite the fact that this website is all about cannabis and medicinal marijuana in Australia, it is still provides information on news as well as updates on the field of medicinal marijuana research and knowledge.

For those who require or wish to use medicinal marijuana but would like further knowledge, there is a strain guide. There is also an interesting part on Australian cannabis politics and activism, if you're interested in learning more about marijuana outside the US.

22. How to grow marijuana

This website has more than 2,300 threads and 11,000 posts. While it is a forum designed to focus on growers of medical or recreational marijuana, there are a lot of posts for you to sink your teeth into.

There are unique grow diaries, posts on germination through harvesting of marijuana plants, discussion on nutrients and many more growing topics. If you're looking to get into the cultivation of cannabis, then this forum is a great place to start.

23. Cooking with Cannabis

Here is the forum for all the chefs out there that are thinking of incorporating marijuana into their cooking. Some recipes include cannabutter, hash brownies, and other tasty treats that include marijuana infusions. Posts can be rated, allowing for the most helpful posts to be viewed right away.

Cooking with Cannabis is a great resource for anything you need to know about cooking with marijuana. This forum has a wealth of information, from recipes to advice on how to save moldy butter. You can also find information on dosage and the different effects of various strains of cannabis.

24. Drugs-Forum

is a small non-profit that helps people with addiction and drug information, but it also supports a healthy understanding of cannabis.

As a result of strict moderation, Drugs-Forum offers a safe space for discussion of all aspects of recovery and drug use, both medical and recreational. There is very little flaming or abuse, and their  membership includes researchers, harm reduction and addiction specialists, public officials, lawyers, physicians, representatives of NGOs, and mental health professionals.

25. Stoner Haven

This site is designed for the self-proclaimed stoner and gives information about activism events, items that are highly sought after, and a variety of medical marijuana topics.

It is a good idea to sign up because there are certain posts that can not be viewed unless you’re a member. This includes topics such as growing cannabis, the latest marijuana news, and information about dispensaries in your area. Joining a cannabis forum is the perfect way to connect with other enthusiasts and learn more about this fascinating plant


Marijuana Forums For Marijuana Enthusiasts

26. Sensi Seeds

This site is actually connected to a single seed shop, but it provides a lot more information than just about seeds. It covers cannabis growing myths, the seed bank FAQ, the latest news, and information about different strains.

In 1985, Sensi Seeds helped to establish the cannabis seed business. With more than 500 kinds, the business is currently the largest cannabis seedbank in the world. In the cannabis community, these genetics and the brand name are considered absolute classics. Sensi Seeds genetics was chosen by the Dutch authorities to create the pharmacy-grade medicinal cannabis.

27. UK420

This forum is specifically tailored for marijuana in the UK and it focuses on how to grow marijuana. There are lots of cool tips here, such as how to design a grow room and how to grow outdoors, which is super helpful for all the cannabis growers out there.

The UK420 Team are dedicated to providing their members with the optimal environment to discuss cannabis cultivation for personal consumption only and other cannabis related subjects.

28. The Autoflower Network

This forum is very specialized in auto flowering plants, and covers the history, how to grow them, and lots more. It isn’t for general weed enthusiasts, however, so keep that in mind.

See specialised topics such as member’s Grow Journals, Seed Banks, Grow Mediums & Containers, Grow Rooms & Environment, Nutrients & Additives, Harvest, Curing and Storage, Extraction & Processing and many more.

29. CannaSOS 

This is a pretty huge social media network where cannabis lovers can connect and interact with like-minded individuals. It has over 328,000 members and is just a chill place where you can join and even get real-time answers to questions you may ask from industry experts, growers, and suppliers.

This forum has a ton of information on various strains of cannabis, the medicinal benefits of marijuana, and growing techniques. If you're looking for a comprehensive cannabis forum, CannaSOS is a great option.

30. MJLink 

This is officially the largest social network in the cannabis industry. It has 1.5 million active monthly users and it also has sister social networks such as weedlife.com, which altogether attracts more than 50 million monthly page views.

A cannabis-loving community, ttey cover everything from medical marijuana to growing tips and tricks. If you’re a cannabis entrepreneur, MjLink is one of the greatest ways to network with a wide range of growers, marketers, manufacturers, cannabis sellers, and much more.

31. BudHubz 

This is where cannabis connoisseurs around the globe can come together and chat about the best things about cannabis culture. This smartphone app platform makes it easy for buddies to find recreational and medicinal dispensaries, accommodation, and doctors.

BudHubz is the premiere platforme that allows cannabis connoisseurs from around the globe to come together and share the best components of cannabis culture. They call themselves a “social weedia company” that strives to help connoisseurs truly spread Cannabis culture and the associated positive benefits around the world

32. Highthere 

This cannabis forum is situated on a free ‘high there’ app. It’s a dating site where cannabis users can feel free to explore relationships with like-minded people. It basically works like Tinder where you can view profile pictures, swipe left or right, and connect with those that match with you.

In 2020, our mission shifted, to provide a digital safe haven for cannabis enthusiasts, where there are no stupid questions, no elitist attitudes, no unnecessary negativity. An open and inclusive space to convene, to learn, to share and to teach. A digital cannabis community collective of the world’s cannabis curious, confident, connoisseurs, and creators

33. Leafwire

Last but not least, is Leafwire that provides a platform for the cannabis business community of business enthusiasts and investors. A platform where the cannabis industry could share news, promote events, find business partners, find employees, look for investors and just simply network .

If you’re planning to start cannabis venture and perhaps need funding, then this is the perfect platform for you. The platform is great for entrepreneurs seeking to be a part of the cannabis industry, and in fact, for those who have experience, there may be opportunities to land a cannabis job.



    If you’re looking to get involved in the cannabis community and grow your following, these 33 forums are a great place to start. Each has its own vibe, focus, and set of rules, so be sure to choose the one that feels most comfortable for you and jump right in to start participating.

    The cannabis community is a welcoming place where everyone can learn and share their knowledge, make new friends, and help shape the future of cannabis legalization – one forum post at a time. ith such a wide range of options available, there’s no reason not to get started today! Which cannabis forum will you join first?



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