MaddStoner Reviews the Mamba Electric Herb Grinder

Who is MaddStoner?

MaddStoner is a recognized cannabis influencer with a wealth of experience and knowledge that she passes on to her followers and viewers. She really knows her stuff!


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MaddStoner’s review

After introducing herself, she indicates that she’s choosing to smoke outside. For safer smoking during pandemic, be sure to physically distance yourself from others while smoking. MaddStoner is demonstrating a perfect example of safer, Covid-friendly smoking. We love to see that!


When adding her herb to the grinder, she adds a whole nug at once. No need to break into tiny pieces before grinding with the Mamba! She is so confident that even after adding a very large piece, she adds more around it. She is sure that she will have a lot of perfectly ground herb in no time, and she is right. The Mamaba’s powerful motor and multi-directional grinding plates made out of aircraft-grade aluminum can handle anything.


MaddStoner describes the Rocker Switch Technology™ and is impressed with it. The Rocker Switch Technology™ allows her to toggle between right and left turns to gently loosen the bud rather than roughly destroying it. She begins grinding her tightly packed Mamba and doesn’t even need the Rocker Switch! The Mamba doesn’t even flinch and begins dispensing a consistent, fluffy grind directly into her bong. Note her adorable cow-themed bong – super cute!


Mamba Rocker switch


After smoking a perfectly ground bowl, she laughs and calls herself “the laziest stoner possible.” We certainly do not think so, MaddStoner! But if you are sick of wasting your time and energy labouring over a manual grinder, consider being like MaddStoner and investing in an electric dry herb grinder.


MaddStoner closes by telling us that her favourite thing about the Mamba grinder is how unbelievably fast it is. The Mamba grinds up to 20 times faster than a manual grinder and takes the guesswork out. No more constantly opening your grinder to check on the progress. As soon as you power the Mamba on, perfectly fluffy herb is dispensed through the cone shaped hygienic dispensing tip at a speed unrivaled by other grinders.


Why you’ll love the Mamba grinder too

Why you’ll love the Mamba grinder too 

MaddStoner talked about how she loves the Rocker Switch Technology™, the incredible speed, and the quality of the grind. We love that the hygienic grinding tip keeps your herb clean, contaminant free, and reduces waste and spillage. There is so much to love about the Mamba, Mamba V2, and Mamba Masher. Each grinder comes with it is own unique features: the Mamba V1 and Mamba V2 for handheld grinding with varying capacities, and the Masher for larger quantities. We truly believe there is a Mamba for everyone!


Another impressed reviewer! You can watch the video here: 


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