Stylish Cannabis Gifts For Cannabis Enthusiasts That Are a Hit

Do you find yourself struggling to find the perfect gift for a loved one on their special day? You don’t have to worry; we have all been there-especially when their hobbies are a little... different in contrast to yours.

If you have someone amongst your friends or family who likes to enhance their quality of life by using cannabis on a regular basis, and you are left scratching your head about what to give them this time, we have a treat in store for you.

Lucky for you, the growing legalization of cannabis has contributed to the rise in production of ultra-modern, stylish, and appealing products for the consumption of weed.

Ranging from grinders and vapes to incredibly cool weed-themed accessories, read below to find out our top favourite picks which can be gifted to cannabis enthusiasts that will surely elevate their mood.


Our List of 26 Stylish Cannabis Gifts For Cannabis Enthusiasts

Mamba Electric Herb Grinder

Mamba Electric Herb Grinder - Cannabis Gifts

Save your loved one from the hassle of having to manually grind their weed every day. This grinder gets the work done within seconds with its razor-sharp teeth and advanced motor technology, giving you the consistency you desire.

With its easy-to-use compact size and battery-operated feature, it is quite portable and can be used on the go. Without the usual strain or cramp, the easy-to-use Rocker Switch ensures a jam-free motion and therapeutic benefits for infirm hands with limited joint mobility and strength.


e-lighter- Cannabis Gifts


If you are looking for a modern and stylish way to light your joints, look no further than e-lighters. These lighters use electricity rather than flame to light your cannabis, making them a much safer option.

There is a wide range of e-lighters available on the market, with cool designs and trendy features that your loved one will absolutely adore. Whether they are looking for a sleek and discreet option or something with a bit more personality, there is definitely an e-lighter out there for them.

Vaporizer (vape)

Cannabis Gifts - Vapourizer


Are you tired of that reeking weed smell? Annoyed by the smoke tearing up your throat? Do you want a device which makes your dosage easier to control? Then handheld vaporizers may well be your solution.

A vaporizer heats up the cannabis flower or concentrate without burning it, releasing the active ingredients in a form that can be easily inhaled. Vaporizers come in all stylish shapes, types and sizes, from small and discreet vape pens to larger table-top models. They are a great way to enjoy cannabis without the harmful effects of smoke.


Cannabis Gifts -Bong


Bongs are a kind of water pipe which is used to smoke weed. They contain a bowl to put your cannabis in, which is connected to a chamber. Moreover, a widely known benefit of using a bong is that the water inside it eradicates the dry heat coming from the joint and gives a much creamier and smoother intake as compared to an everyday joint. Over the years, the bong industry has stepped up its game and now they are available in all shapes and sizes that you can choose from.

Rolling Trays

Cannabis Gifts - Rolling Tray.jpg


If your friend likes to go for the classic method of rolling a joint to consume cannabis, we have the perfect gift idea for them. To roll a perfect joint, it is vital to have a flat and clean surface to start with. Rolling trays are similar to TV dinner trays, only without the different sections. They have a smooth and flat surface to aid in rolling the blunts, high edges so that any spilled weed can be recollected, and enough space to store all the accessories used for smoking. For those who roll a joint on a regular basis, this item is a must have.

Infuser Machines

Cannabis Gifts - Infuser Machines


Love cannabis so much that you want it in literally everything, ranging from butters, food, and oils to beauty products? Infuser machines are the contraptions sent by God to infuse herbs into anything, just by sitting at home. These machines have various features that allow you to control the purification, dosage, and aroma of cannabis-infused products. Gift this to your loved ones to take their life experience to even greater heights.

Mamba King-Size Pre-Rolled Paper Cones

Mamba King-Size Pre-Rolled Paper Cones

Let your friends pend less time rolling papers and more time sitting back and enjoying with the Mamba Rolling Papers Cones. Just conveniently fill and pack with your favorite product for unlocked tastes and aromas. Available in 50 or 100 cones packs.

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Made from 100% natural, not bleached and not flavored hemp-fiber papers ensure an unadulterated and raw pre-rolled cone experience.  The cone is sealed with natural Arabic gum and is joint at the tip of the cone tube wrap with a paper filter that provides non-clip holding and and air-flow.

Easy Bake Oven

Everyone loves food, but quite a few of them want to go through the tedious task of cooking and baking. That is why easy bake ovens make the task easier, preparing mouth-watering delights within a matter of minutes. You must be wondering why this product is relevant to this list. Well, if you have a loved one who enjoys baked treats, you can take them to an even higher level by gifting them an easy-bake-oven in which they can make their favorite edible recipes. Even better news – easy-baked-ovens are also available specifically for weed-based recipes too.

Cannabis Cookbook

High Cookery Book by Gilad Meiri - Cannabis Gifts


We just can’t get enough food. There are several cookbooks for weed-based recipes available on the market which will enable your loved one to have fun with the way they consume their weed! We highly recommend High Cookery by Gilad Meiri for your baking friends so that they can show off their amazing skills in new ways every day.

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Smell-proof bag

Cannabis Gifts - Smell Proof Bag


If you are running low on money and can not find an affordable gift for your stoner friends or family, this low-tech but voguish bag is the best solution. It has a zipper section designed specifically to keep lighters, and it has enough space to safely stow away a batch of joints or weed on the go.


Tetra Gift card

Still too confused about whether your loved one will like something you chose for them yourself? A gift card will solve all your problems. This gesture gives them full freedom to choose anything that catches their eye in a Tetra store. Trust us, they will love you for it!


Weed: The User’s Guide

weed-the-users-guide-cannabis gifts


Perhaps your friend is a freshman in the world of cannabis or just loves reading self-help books. This instruction manual for marijuana is the ideal fit for them. It contains all of the information about weed, ranging from the history of its legalization to how to make your own bong at home, and even tells you about the metabolization of THC. Moreover, it contains tips and tricks on how to make your hash experiences even more enjoyable.


Kush Scented Candle

Kush Scented Candle - Cannabis Gifts


With cute packaging and bright notes of suede, tulip and, most importantly, cannabis, this candle creates a lovely aroma and is something that every cannabis enthusiast should have at their home.

The marijuana-scented candle is a great accessory for any smoker. The candle is made with essential oil and features a natural hemp wick. The smell of the candle is perfect for enhancing the smoking experience.

Rogue Paq Mini Ritual Case Leather Accessory Gift Set

Rogue Paq Full Ritual Set Leather - Cannabis Gifts


A handsome leather pouch that contains matchbooks, clipping tools, two storage vials, rolling papers, a grease pencil and trimming scissors. This set should be in the custody of someone who likes to maintain their class.


Apothecary Wine Storage and Humidity Jar

Apothecary Wine Storage and Humidity Jar - Cannabis Gifts


This is where practicality and discretion meet style. This fashionable jar is the best suited utensil to stash your weed in, preventing it from drying out. A single humidity jar with 2 Boveda packs, featuring an optional re-writable label perfect for storing a single strain of herb.

The Boveda humidity system maintains the plant from drying out. This protects you against mold development and ensures that the product is sticky enough to preserve quality while yet being dry enough to burn well.


Wake and Bake Coffee Body Scrub

Who doesn’t love skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom? This body scrub is infused with coffee, brown sugar, sea salt, and, oh – how can we forget? They forever favor, Cannabis. Gift this to your friend who loves skincare and tell them they are in for a treat!

Thanks to the inclusion of hemp oil and other skin-loving chemicals, this all-natural exfoliating, moisturizing coffee scrub penetrates the skin rather than sitting on top of it. Rich in all natural antioxidants and100% all natural and handmade.

Marijuana Leaf Design Shoe Lace Charm

Marijuana Leaf Design Shoe Lace Charm - stylish Cannabis gifts 

This quirky charm adds a sense of individuality to your kicks. This eye-catching pendant can be used for jewelry making, crafting, and as a DIY accent for gift projects in addition to adding a personal touch to your sneaker collection.

Made from polished nickel-plated metal with the resin encased design and is perfect as a party favor, goodie bag filler, or a stocking stuffer.


Album Surf x Old Pal Stoned Totem Surfboard

Old-Pal-x-Album-Surfboards-Cannabis Gifts

The enchanting design of this one-of-a-kind surfboard is enough to make a statement off or on the waves. Gift this to your surfer bro to make him fly high on the tides.

Water does not flow in a straight line each Album surfboard is designed with this in mind. Each board will react differently to its water setting, its surfer, and the day's conditions. If you're a beginner, looking to purchase your first board, or are just surfing for fun and want to try something new, Album Surf has the perfect board for you.


Lime Crime Lip Blaze Cream Liquid Lipstick

Lime Crime Lip Blaze - Cannabis Gifts


We all have that one friend who is obsessed with cosmetics. This cannabis seed oil infused lipstick will leave your friend's lips moisturized, pink and pretty. The natural ingredients in the lipstick will also help to keep your lips healthy and hydrated.

A creamy liquid lipstick that delivers a naked lip look and feel with its buttery, hydrating formula infused with cannabis sativa seed oil. Just a little dab of this creamy liquid lipstick delivers moisture that is never sticky. It's scented with notes of roses and violet.


Miwak Junior Connector Pipe

Milwak Junior - Cannabis Gifts

If you are looking for a stylish and durable pipe to smoke your cannabis out of, then check out these porcelain pipes. Coming in an array of vibrant colors, these pipes are hard to resist. They are also easy to clean and will last a long time.

Always handmade, these pieces produced with attention to sustainability and built to last. These ceramic beauties may appear fragile at first glance, but the high heat used in reduction firings renders these pipes especially sturdy.


Lovepot Roll With Dried Bouquet

Love Pot - Cannabis Gifts


Valentine’s Day coming up? Flowers wilt with time, but this bouquet has a hidden secret. These aren’t just regular flowers, but gorgeous dried hemp flowers. What’s better than flowers that you can smoke? Pair this up with a personal note and make your significant other’s day.

Lovepot delivers bouquets of seasonal flowers and smokable cannabis plants. They create unique floral arrangements and dried hemp bouquets with smokable CBD cannabis flower. Their CBD flower is 100% safe, smokable, and ideal for unwinding without any psychoactive effect.


The Rollers Club Subscription

Cannabis Gifts - Rollers Club Subscription

If you are looking for a dope cannabis accessory as a gift, look no further than the subscription box. This one is actually a once in a lifetime gift. Literally, just subscribe your loved one to this service and keep them stashed all year round with dope cannabis accessories.

From smoking devices to grinders to storage containers, the subscription box has it all. Plus, it's a great way to try out new products and find new favorites. . So whether you are just starting out or you are a cannabis aficionado, the a subscription box is a must-have for every smoker.


Cannabis Perfume oil

Cannabis Perfume Oil - Cannabis Gifts


With an earthy aroma spiced with cannabis, this perfume oil is the best way to stay high all the time. The perfume oil is made with natural ingredients and essential oils that will give you a long-lasting scent.

Balancing rich, spicy and herbaceous aromas with soft, floral notes of muguet and magnolia. Free of thc but heavy on black pepper and bright bergamo, not only is it perfect for feeling nice all day long, but it will also make you smell great!


Smoke Sessions Eyeshadow Palette

Smoke Sessions Eyeshadow Palette - Cannabis Gifts


If your friend's love for smokey eye-shadow nearly exceeds their love for marijuana, gift them this palette that combines both of their love interests into one. Melt Cosmetics have come up with the perfect solution for all stoners out there who can't decide between their love for makeup and marijuana.

The palette includes a range of eight smoky eye-shadows, in matte and metallic textures, inspired by their love for cannabis and the anatomy of the plant, from the lush stems and leaves to the buds and trichomes.


Wood Stash Box With Rolling Tray

Stash Boxes With Rolling Trays - Cannabis Gifts


It might look like a regular antique wooden box at first, but it stores a dirty secret. The cover can be transformed into a rolling try and you can hide your stash from peering eyes into its secret compartments.

Made from 100% sustainable Bamboo, and expertly assembled and finished with light satin finish.  The underside of the lid is hand carved for a smooth and natural feel, perfect for rolling and sorting. The perfect Stash Box Rolling Tray Combo!


Besito Blackberry Vape Pen



It contains concentrates of THC with flavors of grapefruit, blackberry, and mint. This pen slash vape definitely tastes as good as it looks with its sleek design – leaving the user feeling elated and chic at the same time.

Besito's Blackberry Vaporizer Pen provides a rush of creative energy alongside its soothing body buzz. Feel functional and calm as though you're capable of taking all the time you need to get things done, and the pen won't roll off your table. 

Wrap Up

Now that you have gone through the list, you must have sighed with releaf, We hope that our suggestions helped to solve your shopping conundrum. Which idea do you like the best?

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