The Best Way to Fill a One-Hitter Dugout


The Best Way to Fill a One-Hitter Dugout


Do you have an electric bud grinder and are looking for other ways to put it to good use? Look not further than the world of dugouts.


Meant to conceal smoking accessories and store dry herbs, a dugout can put your battery herb grinder to work because you will want to be able to fill the dugout quickly with consistently-ground herbs.


This article will go over the basics of dugouts and explain how to fill them. At the end, we are sure that you will see how a Mamba electric grinder is the best weed grinder for the dugout fan.


What’s a Dugout?

The dugout is a smoking system more than it is a pipe. In addition to a small pipe - the “bat” - which is housed inside the dugout, there is another compartment to store dry herb. Some more elaborate dugouts have extra compartments and pipes.


The dugout was created decades ago as a way to carry all the smoking accessories in one case. Dugouts typically look like small boxes, so they draw less attention to the smoking products than other pipes and cases.


There are different types of dugouts for different herbs. Some builders have expanded on the idea of the dugout and included additional features like spring-loaded lids, and you can find these devices in a variety of materials and finishes.

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Why Dugouts are Great

Dugouts are great because they allow the smoker to carry all of their accessories in one location and keep everything neat and organized. Many herb enthusiasts take pride in their smoking kit bag; with a dugout, the manufacturer has already created a simple, attractive way of keeping your accessories together.


Another great part of the dugout is that it can save you some money. Since a reusable pipe is included there is no need for rolling papers. The small cigarette-shaped pipe included with the dugout can simply be inserted into the ground herb which allows for easy filling and quick enjoyment.


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Dugouts allow the user to prepare in advance for several sessions. This is because they include a container for ground herb which means that you can grind a bunch of your favorite herbs in advance and enjoy several smokes without having to stop and grind some more.


This last part is important: dugouts are great for the traveler. Since everything you need is in one easy-to-manage case, you can take your kit with you and not have to regrind herbs on a regular basis.


How to Pack Your Dugout

Now that we have discussed dugouts and what they do, it is time to get into how to use them properly. The key is to get the right grind consistency and load it correctly.


Getting the Grind Right

Some dugouts contain grinding cards; most require you to use a separate grinder to fill them up. Since grinding cards can be tedious and slow, we recommend finding a good electric grinder since you will be grinding in bulk if you are a dugout user.


Getting the proper consistency in your grind is key


Getting the proper consistency in your grind is key: your grinder needs to make a nice-sized grind suitable for smoking and it needs to be able to do this throughout the entire grind. This is why we recommend the Mamba electric grinder: this grinder keeps your grind consistency and the Mamba can grind all day without breaking a sweat.


Getting the Loading Right

The next trick with a dugout is to load it correctly.


Do not pack your herbs in too tight! It is best that they have some air space between the small pieces. This will make it easier to insert the pipe, and since the action of packing the pipe further compresses the herbs, you do not want to start with a too-dense pile of herbs.


Dugout pipes are great for short smoking sessions


Dugout pipes are great for short smoking sessions - hence the “one-hitter” dugout, which contains enough herb for one hit. This is because you can insert only as much as you need instead of filling an entire rolling paper. When loading the pipe, try to only put enough in for what you need, and be sure to blow out the ash after each use.


If the pipe has been used frequently and contains a lot of ash, take the time to give it a detailed clean. It is best to use plastic or wooden impetments with a dull point to scrape out the ash.



We hope you enjoyed our article about dugouts. With the right electric bud grinder, a dugout is a simple and fun way to enjoy your herbs and take your habit with you in one easy, discrete kit.


Here is the legendary Tommy Chong to walk you through how to use a simple dugout:

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