Mamba MASHER ™ 


The Mamba MASHER easily connects to an electric screwdriver or drill driver for effortless powered grinding with the herb of your choice. Switch back to its unique T-Bar lock mechanism (Patent Applied For) for quick interchange from motorized to manual grinding in seconds!


  • Designed to easily switch between electric powered and manual grinding
  • Unique T-Bar lock mechanism (Patent Applied For) enables quick interchange from manual to motor grinding
  • Stylish, yet heavy-duty anodized aluminium shell



Mamba Masher Features:

  • Easily switch between electric powered and manual grinding
  • Included power tool adaptor bit connects the Masher and a power drill driver (not supplied) 
  • 18 razor sharp teeth are cut as curved-rhomboid blades that are optimized for grinding the stickiest herb
  • Grinding chamber w/ three spacious grinding partitions for up to 3 grams of herb
  • 2.5in grinding head/ 63.5mm wide and 12mm deep 
  • Precision shaped body, teeth and T-Bar lock are precise CNC machined from Aluminium alloy for a total weight of 154g.
  • The all-body black anodized coating has a clean lustre and protects against wear and tear.
  • Symmetrical bevelled edges of the top and bottom chambers leave a stylish and modern design 
  • Fine wire mesh that sifts through the ground herb for fine pollen. The final bottom chamber stores a mini-scraper and safely keeps the T-Bar lock



  • Mamba Masher Grinder 2-1/2" Diameter
  • T-Bar Lock
  • 2-1/2in / 65mm, 1/4”Drive Drill Driver Adaptor Bit
  • Mini-Scraper for pollen cleaning



Masher weed grinder 4 chambers

Grind with Finesse and Strength

The Mamba Masher is externally-powered by the power drill of your choice. This large weed grinder gives you every option possible for grinding your weed and other herbs.  The Masher’s anodized aluminum shell feels sturdy in your hand without being too much to handle.  Given the durability of the materials chosen for its construction, wear and tear isn’t a concern with this grinder.  On this basis alone, acrylic and plastic grinders just can’t compete with the Masher.

The Masher’s 3 main components can be easily unscrewed and separated for easy, fast cleaning, and a mini scraper tool is even included which can be stored in the Masher’s bottom chamber.  The unique T-bar lock is also stored in the grinder, keeping the Masher looking sleek without bulky add-ons.

And for the weed connoisseur, the Masher features multiple chambers to filter the grind by size.  After the razor-sharp teeth shred your weed, the Masher has a middle chamber to collect the ground herb and a second chamber to collect your kief.

No fuss.  No mess.  No waste.  The Masher is the hand grinder you’ve always wanted and the powered grinder you thought you’d never own.

Masher drill weed grinder

Patent-Pending Design

There are many manufacturers out there that offer their own spin on the classic hand grinder.  However, the Mamba Masher’s design features novel, unique and inventive elements: the very ingredients of a patentable product.  This design was kept tightly under wraps until the patent could be filed, and now this unique design is available for you to try yourself at a great price.

Due to the Masher’s patent-pending status, you won’t be able to find comparable features in any other grinder on the market.  With the T-bar inserted and secured by built-in magnets, manual grinding is easily done by hand.  With the T-bar removed and the power tool adaptor bit inserted, a variety of power drills and electric screwdrivers can be used to turn the Masher.  Just carefully push the trigger of your chosen power tool with the end of the Masher in your other hand and watch as the Masher delicately powers its way through whatever herbs you throw its way.

Masher grinder


When you’re stressed and need to relax, the Mamba Masher will be your friend.  With the ability to grind up to 2 grams (1/16 oz) of weed, herbs and spices, you won’t be left with small amounts to enjoy.

The Masher’s grinding head measured 63.5 mm (2 ½”) wide and 12 mm (½”) deep, and has three spacious grinding chambers.  Once loaded, the 18 (9 upper and 9 lower) razor-sharp teeth help you power through wherever it is you need to grind, whether you’re using the Masher as a hand grinder or have attached your favourite power drill.

A fine, consistent texture is easily achieved with the Masher due to the sharp, intelligent design of the grinding chambers.  And while hand-made might be great for some things, you’ll appreciate the CNC-machined aluminium design which produces a tight, low-tolerance product meant to last for years to come.

Mamba weed grinder with pollen

Quality: Guaranteed

Mamba products are designed and known for their durability, and the Masher is no exception.  This versatile, unique grinder is going to be your grinding buddy for the long-haul.

Quality and a long service are our promises to you: made from the finest materials for grinders, the Mamba is one of the most superb grinders on the market.

The Ultimate Power Drill Grinder

Just as it is, the Masher is the best hand grinder you’ll ever own.  WIth its multiple chambers and ability to handle whatever weed or herbs you throw into it, you won’t be left wanting extra features.  However, a fantastic feature of the Masher that will really have you raving is that this grinder can be used with an external power source like a power drill!

By using the provided adapters and taking advantage of the Masher’s inventive patent-pending design, you’ll be able to take an electric drill and convert this hand grinder into a powerful electric grinder.

Dense herbs?  No problem!  Got lots to grind for a bunch of friends?  Bring it on!  The Mamba Masher will grind as long as your drill can keep up!

A Herb Masher Built Tough

The Mamba electric one-handed grinder re-defined herb grinding when it came on the scene.  Never before and never since (besides the Mamba V2, that is!) has there been such an innovative and unique way for someone to quickly and consistently grind their herbs and weed.

But maybe you’re not ready for that sort of grinder.  Or maybe the classic design of a cylindrical hand grinder with a pollen catcher is more your style.  Well, with the Mamba Masher, you can have everything you want in a hand grinder with the option for an electric power source all in one complete, durable grinder.

There aren’t any herbs out there that the Masher can’t take on.  This is a serious grinder for the serious user, and all this can be had without breaking the bank.

A Large Weed Grinder For Large Jobs

Take a look at the Masher’s grinding chamber.  The teeth have been placed in such a way that large amounts of herbs can be loaded at once without making it difficult to close and turn.

Not only does the Masher offer all the features of the best hand grinders out there and offer an option for an external power source like an electric drill, this grinder also doesn’t skimp on size.  Without being in the commercial category, the Masher offers all the capacity needed by any user, and is the perfect weed grinder when you have friends who want you to share your stash.

The Masher is a big herb grinder.  While not commercial in size, this isn’t a tiny grinder.  However, due to the designers’ excellent use of space, the Mamba Masher gives you as much capacity as possible without being giant in size.

While difficult to describe without actually holding it in the hand, the Masher just feels strong.  This is a grinder that grinds with as much finesse and precision as any other, but can provide these sorts of results on a large scale in a package that is built to last.