Mamba Original™ Electric Grinder

Mamba Original™ Grinder Features:

  • Powerful 600am Motor with Metal Gears
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Teeth
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Forward and Reverse Operations
  • Never Jams
  • Powered by AA Batteries

Enter the world of Mamba with our Original Mamba Battery-Powered grinder.

The original Mamba portable grinder offers an ergonomic body that allows users to load quickly and grind herbs directly into a spliff, vape, bowl or container. Simply load your herbs, push the button, and grind. Best of all, it takes only a few seconds for the entire process.

Electric portable Mamba herb grinder special features:

When it comes to grinders there are so many different options to choose from. The Mamba Electric Grinder offers everything you want. Not only is it fast, powerful and convenient but also offers a unique design. It will save you time and help to improve your smoking experience. Same if you use a vaporizer. All you have to do is fill it with your favorite herb, close the lid, and press a button. It is that easy! Below are some more specific details that should get you excited.

  • Speed: The Mamba grinder works very fast compared to most other electric grinders. We are very impressed with the feedback from real customers. If speed is the most important factor for you this is a great choice. It works fast!
  • Battery & Power: 2 x AA batteries deliver very good power and your herbs will be ground very well. Most people agree it is just fine enough for the optimal session. Good whether you smoke or vape you should be impressed.
  • Convenience: Are you looking for the ultimate convenience? The Mamba is a hand held, portable, electric grinder that everyone seems to love and you will to!
  • Design & Construction: The Mamba is professionally engineered and made from top grade components. The aircraft grade aluminum teeth are very sharp and durable. Grind tough herbs without worrying about breaking anything

Based on our own private testing as well as real feedback from real users we are confident you will enjoy your Mamba electric grinder experience. 

How the Mamba Grinder Works:

  • Lay it flat on its back and remove the top grinder.
  • Place your dry herbs in each cavity.
  • Firmly close the grinder.
  • Press forward or reverse on the rocker switch to grind.
  • Make sure you're pointing it at wherever you want to grind it on.