Become a MAMBA Brand Ambassador

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Every Industry has its Innovators.

We are seeking creative, energetic and genuine influencers who are passionate about everything herbal & the MAMBA brand. As a part of our inner circle, we want someone just as enthusiastic about our products as we are, whether you’re a college student, young professional or a connoisseur of everything herbal!


What am I expected to do as an Ambassador?

We expect you to spread the word about MAMBA Electric Grinders on social media at least once a week. That means things like reposting our posts, sharing content and tagging us in your pics!

What do I get for being an Ambassador?

You’ll receive a free swag to drive awareness, digital badges, exclusive invites to special events, social media high fives and more!

Who can become an Ambassador?

Anyone over the age of 21 who is active on social media and supports MAMBA can become an ambassador.


Sound like you? Drop us a line