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The Mamba V1 Series
Ever since it first hit the market, the Mamba Electric Grinder has been turning heads and raising hands. Never before has such an innovative grinder been available to the general public.
Naturally, people have questions. This article is intended to take everything there is to know about the Mamba Electric Grinder and organize it into one easily-accessible place. The Mamba company is all about merging world-class innovation into the world of herb grinding, so we are proud to provide lots of writing on herb grinders, our story, and information for prospective buyers so that everyone who grinds their herbs can stop thinking of it as a chore and take greater interest in the process.
You may already own a Mamba Electric Grinder and want to learn more about it, or you may be researching herb grinders in general and found our products. Regardless of your reason for reading this article, we are sure that you will be excited about Mamba grinders by the end of this read.

Section List

This blog post is more than a short article, so here is a list of the sections to come:
  • What is Mamba?
  • The History of the Mamba
  • The Mamba Electric Grinder Construction Process
  • Different Versions of the Mamba Electric Grinder
  • The Mamba Electric Grinder Specs
  • The Technological Innovations of the Mamba Electric Grinder
  • How to Use the Mamba Electric Grinder
  • How to Clean the Mamba
  • What People are Saying about the Mamba Electric Grinder
  • FAQs
So sit back and enjoy! If you have any questions about the Mamba Electric Grinder, you will find your answers below.


What is Mamba?

Pink Mamba Grinder



The Mamba company was started with a simple objective: improve the herb grinding process so people can get the most quality out of their herbs. Frustrated with the shortcomings of other commercially-available grinders and homemade methods, the designers of the Mamba grinders decided to innovate in a field where innovation has been lacking.

So what does Mamba do? Well, we make and sell the best grinders available on the market today. However, we also do something else: we create innovative grinding solutions that you will not find from any other manufacturer. Instead of copying grinding designs and trying to compete by reducing costs, we sell grinders that we designed and built ourselves to our own high standards.
Whether you are interested in our Mamba V1 Electric Grinder, the Mamba Masher grinder which offers hand and electric grinding, or the new Mamba V2 Electric Grinder, we provide you with innovative products for however you want to grind your herbs. And we’re just getting started.
This article is the ultimate guide to the Mamba Electric Grinder. Now that you know a little bit about our company, let us tell you about our flagship product, starting with some history on grinders and Mamba.


The History of the Mamba


Anderson Seale - Mamba designer

The story of the Mamba Electric Grinder is simply the story of a great idea commercialized into a great product. However, this is a lot more to it than that. Revolutionizing the herb grinding world took us a lot of time and effort, and the Mamba Electric Grinder is a testament to that hard work. 

The History of Herb Grinders


hierarchy History of herb grinder

All Mamba grinders are born out of our frustration with existing grinding solutions. Before the Mamba Electric Grinder was even conceptualized, we looked into the history of herb grinders to learn more about these devices. As part of our earlier research, we wrote an article about the history of grinders: check it out here.
Herb grinding has been a human activity since antiquity. Ever since the medicinal properties of certain plants were discovered, people have had to process plants to better exploit the plants for their desired effects.
In 1905, the first patented grinder appeared. This grinder was a simple design working on the same grinding principles of modern hand grinders. This was interesting to us for two reasons: one, the design of this early hand grinder has proven largely reliable over the past century, and two, not much has changed in grinding in terms of innovation for over 100 years.

The Mamba Creation Process

The shocking similarities between the 1905 grinder and today’s hand grinders led the designers at Mamba to believe that this is an industry with room for improvement and innovation. With modern design and building techniques, surely there was room for innovation in herb grinding.
We looked at the entire activity of grinding herbs and the people who enjoy this activity. We saw a need for electrification, improved ergonomics, cleanliness, and portability. And, of course, the need to offer all of this at an affordable price.

The Mamba grinder design


It was not easy to design and build the current version of the Mamba Electric Grinder. While it was challenging to come up with the final design, manufacturing the device was even harder. Countless prototypes were built and scrapped as we refined the gear ratios, tried different motors, and tweaked the ergonomics. The final result has proven to be worth the effort. The Mamba V1 Electric Grinder has been selling fast, and we have taken valuable feedback and created the V2 which adds options - like an internal lithium ion battery - some customers have requested.

The Mamba Electric Grinder Construction Process

Each Mamba grinder starts out in the form of raw materials chosen for their physical properties. High-quality electronics, aluminum, and plastic are all used to produce the Mamba Electric Grinder. Our manufacturing process is so rigorous that we provide a full 2-year warranty on our electric grinders.

The Body

The body and frame of the Mamba Electric Grinder is made out of high-impact plastic. The handle is finished in a matte high-friction finish to improve grip, and the rest is glossed to give the grinder its sleek look.


Manufacturing Mamba grinders



The battery packs of the V1 and V2 are housed in the handle at the opposite end from the grinder and motor. The layout provides for excellent balance, and the grinder feels sturdy and durable without being too heavy.

The Motor and Geartrain

The electric motor chosen for both the V1 and V2 is designed to be compact while offering the torque necessary to power through dense herbs. The low duty cycle of the grinder allows for a sealed motor compartment which makes the grinder easy to keep clean.


Mamba Grinder internal motor



The metal geartrain of the Mamba Electric Grinder offers an ideal mechanical reduction from the motor and turns the grinder at precisely the right speed. Our choice of alloy makes for a mechanical assembly that will last you for years to come even with lots of use. Whether your herbs are oily and sticky or dry and brittle, the Mamba is up to the challenge.

The Grinding Head

The heart of a grinder is its grinding surface, and the Mamba Electric Grinder is built with an all-aluminium interlocking grinding mechanism. The loading compartments and teeth are designed to accept and grind large quantities of herbs.


Mamba grinder spout



The teeth and screen ensure that all of the herbs that pass through the grinder are cut to a consistent and correct size. Unground herbs can simply be stored in the grinder for short periods of time.


Aluminum was chosen as a material for the grinder because it is easy to clean, durable, and lightweight. Acrylics and other plastics wear quickly and can leach into your herbs, so keeping everything aluminum allows the Mamba Electric Grinder to last a long time and provide a consistent grind through its entire lifespan.

Different Version of the Mamba Electric Grinder

We currently have two versions of the Mamba Electric Grinder: the V1 and V2. We will explain these two versions below so you can make an educated purchase.


We also proudly sell the Mamba Masher. The Masher is a more traditional hand grinder, but we have adapted its design so that you can use a power drill and adapter to power the grinder. While this article is not focusing on the Masher, we recommend you check out this grinder as through it we have reinvented the classic hand grinder.


Mamba masher electric power drill grinder



The Mamba V1

The original 40mm V1’s power source is AA batteries which are loaded into the handle. While many devices these days use internal rechargeable batteries, AA batteries give the V1 the ability to function for extended periods of time away from wall power; simply carry some extra batteries with you and enjoy grinding your herbs in style wherever you go.


The updated V1 50mm is powered by one 9v battery and provides the energy needed to power the 50mm's increased size.


Mamba original & Mamba V2-55



The Mamba V2

The V2 builds upon the V1’s design and offers features certain users may appreciate over the V1. The grinding capacity was improved by deepening the grinding compartment. A rocker switch was added to give the user more control over the grinding process.


Another difference between the V1 and V2 is that the V2 uses an internal lithium ion battery instead of AAs. A wall charger is what is used to top up the V2’s charge. Some of our customers requested a wall charging option and the V2 was created with this feedback in mind.

The Mamba Electric Grinder Specs

The key features of the Mamba Electric Grinder are listed below. For this list we are focusing on the V1; additional information on the V2 can be found in the section above.


Power Source

  • AA batteries

  • Handle-loaded battery compartment

Motor and Geartrain

  • Electric motor

  • Alloy gears

  • Closed design


  • Ambidextrous design

  • One-handed operation

  • Thumb-operated forward and reverse switch

  • Balanced design

  • Friction finish to handle for easy gripping

Grinding Mechanism

  • Fully-aluminum cutting action

  • Interlocking grinding teeth

  • Integrated loading compartments for high capacity

  • Grinder automatically dispense correctly-ground herbs while grinding


The Technological Innovations of the Mamba Electric Grinder

Technological innovation is at the core of everything Mamba produces, and the Mamba Electric Grinder demonstrates this in many aspects.


One-Handed Operation

The Mamba Electric Grinder can be loaded and used with only one hand. It is also ambidextrous, so no need to worry about which is your dominant hand. For many people, this makes the Mamba a convenient grinder to use. However, if you suffer from health issues that affect your manual dexterity, a one-handed grinder may be all you can comfortably use. The Mamba Electric Grinder provides a safe and easy option for herb grinding for those who have trouble using a hand grinder.

Using the Mamba grinder




The Mamba can be placed on its back; it will balance securely so that you can load herbs into the grinder while it is on a stable surface. Once loaded, simply pick up the grinder and use either hand to position the dispensing cone over your bowl, papers, or container and watch as your herbs fall from the cone as soon as it starts turning.

Battery Options

The Mamba V1 allows you to use AA batteries. These types of batteries are easy to find and easy to carry with you so you can take your Mamba and go.
As battery technology improves, AA battery manufacturers continually create better batteries. The Mamba is made to last, so as AA batteries improve so will your electric grinder.
The Mamba V2 uses an internal lithium ion battery pack which is charged with an external wall charger. This highly-advanced battery option allows for long grinding sessions without fear of the unit losing power. We have also chosen an internal battery that does not suffer from the pitfalls of other cheaper manufacturers, so our battery will not lose power quickly or take a long time to recharge.
Different users prefer different battery options, so depending on your preference we have a Mamba Electric Grinder that will work for you.


Automatic Dispensing

The traditional hand grinder must be partially disassembled to access the herbs that have been ground. This often causes wasted herbs which spill as it is opened, and is also a slow process. A major frustration in the grinding process for many people is the loss of expensive herbs when the material is being transferred out of the grinder; our electric grinder solves this problem with its dispensing cone.

Mamba spout for efficient dispensing

The Mamba Electric Grinder provides you with a clean way of grinding your herbs. Once loaded, herbs will fall out of the dispensing cone as soon as you activate the grinder. This makes it easy to control the amount of herbs you grind.


Powerful and Precise

Along with the automatic dispensing, the rest of the Mamba Electric Grinder enables precision grinding. The switch on both the V1 and V2 makes for a very responsive device that is easy to use. And because the grinder automatically dispenses perfectly ground herbs while it is running, you do not have to stop the grinder mid-grind to check on the grind’s consistency.


Mamba internal motor design

The Mamba is also a very powerful electric grinder. Whether your herbs are dry or oily, the Mamba will quickly grind them into the perfect consistency for whatever you are using them for. If you do manage to overload the Mamba and it jams, simply reverse the direction of the grinder and it will quickly unclog. This grinder is truly meant to be easy, powerful, and versatile.


How to Use the Mamba Electric Grinder

The Mamba Electric Grinder is simple to use and does not require much instruction. However, like any new and innovative product, a quick guide on how to use the device will help you get started without any undue frustration.


Step 1 - Make Sure the Grinder is Ready

Before you can grind your herbs, you need to make sure that your Mamba is good to go. First, remove all packaging and check for damage. There may be some residue on the grinder from manufacturing and shipping; we recommend you clean your new Mamba prior to its first use.
Once you are satisfied that your Mamba is ready to grind, it is time to make sure it has power. For the Mamba V1, insert the required AA batteries and you are ready to go. For the V2, make sure it has a full charge from the included wall charger before you start grinding.


Step 2 - Load the Grinder

Loading the Mamba Electric Grinder is fast and simple. Pull the end of the grinder off; you will now see the grinding teeth and loading compartments. Push your herbs into the compartments between the teeth and then push the end back onto the grinder. You are now ready to grind.
There are balance points on the back of the Mamba Electric Grinder so that it can be stood with the grinding mechanism facing upwards when laid down on a table or other hard surface. Once the end is removed, lay the grind on its back and load herbs into the grinder while it is facing upwards.



Mamba Original Girnder


Step 3 - Get Your Container Ready

Before you hit the Mamba’s switch, make sure you are ready to collect your herbs. This means getting your papers, bowl, food, or container ready and properly positioned. As soon as the grinder starts turning, herbs will begin to fall out of the dispensing cone.


Step 4 - Grind Your Herbs

Now the fun begins! Press on either the forward or reverse switch and watch as the Mamba effortlessly grinds your herbs into the perfect consistency.


While grinding may seem like a simple task, there are special considerations when you are trying to get the most out of your herbs. Check out our article on increasing the potency and strength of your herbs for more information.


Rocker Function

The Mamba V2 features a rocker switch which allows you to break up dense herbs. By rocking the switch back and forth, the cutting head loosens up the outside of the nugget and works its way down to the core.


Mamba Rocker Switch


Once the nugget has been broken up, the grinder can be set to one direction and it will fluff and grind the herbs. Grinding your herbs this way prevents clogs while unlocking the full flavor and potency of your herbs.


Point Down and Let Gravity Work for You

When using the Mamba Electric Grinder, you never need to physically handle the ground herbs. Not only will this keep your fingers clean, it will also prevent your herbs from getting damaged from unnecessary handling.
When grinding, point the Mamba so that the cone is facing downwards and into your chosen receptacle. Gravity will do the work for you and allow the herbs that have been ground to fall out of the grinder. Those users who are used to having to open their grinder and dig out the herbs will certainly enjoy this easier method of grinding.


Step 5 - Clean Your Grinder

The Mamba Electric Grinder is made out of aluminum so it will not stain and absorb the flavor of your herbs even if they are left in the grinder. However, to get the most out of your herbs it is important to get into the habit of cleaning the grinder.
Please see the section below on cleaning the Mamba for detailed instructions on caring for the Mamba Electric Grinder. We also have another blog article about cleaning your herb grinder, so check it out for detailed information on this subject.



Cleaning the Mamba grinder


How to Clean the Mamba

We have a detailed article on cleaning herb grinders and we recommend you read it for tips and tricks with all of your herb grinder. However, the Mamba Electric Grinder is a grinder unlike any other you have ever seen and as a result it does have some special cleaning instructions.


Cleaning the Grinding End

The grinding end of the Mamba is made out of aluminum, so cleaning is simple and easy. The end with the dispensing cone can be removed and washed with a brush and soapy water or alcohol. A brush made damp - not soaking - with soapy water can then be used to clean out the part of the grinder still attached to the body; Q-tips soaked in alcohol work well here too.


Cleaning the Mamba Grinder - 2

Do not submerge the entire Mamba; doing so can damage the electronics inside. Make sure the grinder is completely dry before you reassemble or use it.


Cleaning the Body

Very little maintenance is required for the rest of the Mamba, but the handle may get dirty with time. To clean the plastic handle, a damp cloth or wet wipe can be used to remove dirt and grime. Do not submerge the Mamba for cleaning, and make sure the unit is completely dry before using.


What People are Saying about the Mamba Electric Grinder

Unsurprisingly, the Mamba Electric Grinder has caught many people’s attention. While our Amazon reviews are positive, we have had experts in the art of grinding use and review the Mamba with glowing results.


HighRise TV

The great folks at HighRise TV made a video showing them using the Mamba Electric Grinder. In this straight-shooting review, the Mamba performs well and gets full approval from those on screen. Check out our article about this review here.

Indoor Smokers

In a detailed video, the Mamba Electric Grinder is put through the paces by the people at Indoor Smokers. Check out our article about this review here.



MaddStoner talked about how she loves the Rocker Switch Technology™, the incredible speed, and the quality of the grind. Check out this article about this review here.


Here are some answers to our most-asked questions. We do have a page on our website with questions about the grinder and about shipping, but we will include questions specific to the V1 and V2 below.


Does the Mamba electric grinder work better than other grinders?

Typical grinders either grind your herbs so fine that it restricts airflow, or shreds it so thick that it's clumpy. The Mamba electric grinder doesn't just grind your herbs, it breaks up clumps and fluffs it to the perfect consistency.


Mamba unlocks the hidden tastes, aromas & potency within your herb that other grinders are incapable of doing.


Will the Mamba grinder damage or crush my herb?

Unlike other grinders, Mamba's precision-calibrated electronic grinding system never damages your herb or suppresses its true characteristics.


Is the Mamba made of quality material?

The Mamba is made of professionally engineered aircraft-grade aluminium, rechargeable lithium ion batteries and durable, ergonomic plastic encasing.


Do Mamba grinders require batteries?

Mamba V1 requires four AA batteries or one 9v battery, depending on the model.


Mamba V2 comes equipped with an optional internal rechargeable lithium ion battery.


How do you clean a Mamba battery powered grinder?

The detachable head can be soaked in alcohol. The motorized apparatus can be cleaned using a Q-tip and alcohol/water.



Mamba cleaning accessories


Can it grind herbs & spices to a fine powder?

Mamba is best suited for dry fibrous herbs. The longer you grind, the finer the texture.


Can I grind nuts & coffee beans?

Yes. The Mamba herbal grinder can grind nuts & coffee beans.


Can nutmeg be used in this?

Mamba can grind nutmeg. Go for it!


Can the mamba grind sticky cannabis?

Mamba perfectly grinds any herb of your choice.


Will it grind fresh herbs?

The Mamba grinder is perfect for fresh herbs.


Does my mamba electric grinder come with a warranty?

Every Mamba electric grinder is backed by a 2-Year Limited Warranty. Register your warranty here.


I have lost the clear dispensing cone. Where can I get a replacement?

For replacement parts, simply get in touch with us.


Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed our guide on the Mamba Electric Grinder. This grinder is a truly revolutionary device and it certainly deserves an article of this size to fully explain it.


Do you want to learn more about herb grinders? Check out our article called The Definitive Guide to Herb Grinders to learn all you can about the grinding process and the machines that make it possible. We also have articles on a variety of topics related to enjoying and grinding herbs, so if you want to learn about herb grinders our blog is the place to start.

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