• The mamba grinder grinds weed faster

    Mamba Grinders™

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Mamba Grinders™

The Best Herb Grinder Ever Made

The Perfect Grind. Every Time.

MAMBA's electronic grind technology fluffs your herb to the perfect
consistency- unlocking hidden tastes, aromas & potency for enhanced
elevated experiences.

The Mamba Advantage

Mamba gives the perfect fluffy grind everytime
20x Faster Than Normal Grinders

The Perfect Fluffy Grind. Everytime.

Don’t settle for a typical grinder that grinds your herbs so fine that it restricts airflow, or shreds it so thick that it's clumpy.

20x Faster Than Normal Grinders.

At the push of a button, the MAMBA dry herb grinder delivers an unparalleled grind 20x faster than manual hand grinders.

Bobby B  Mamba Convenient One Handed Operation
How to use the mamba original grinder Touch Less Dispensing

Convenient One-Handed Operation.

A point and shoot bud grinder convenient for all- especially those suffering from Fibromyalgia, Arthritis & other hand injuries.

Hygienic Touchless Dispensing

MAMBA's cone shaped outlet makes it easy to dispense ground herbs accurately to wherever you need them.

No mess. No waste. Clean, accurate dispensing.

Mamba Grinder: How to Use