Mamba V1 Electric Herb Grinder

Mamba V1 Electric Herb Grinder

Welcome to the next generation of grinding with the MAMBA V1 battery-powered electric grinder. The Mamba grinder performs seamlessly at the touch of a button to grind a medium-fine fluffy consistency every time; No matter how moist and oily the buds. 
The MAMBA Team spent years of product testing to manufacture a battery powered electric grinder with the perfect combination of bud capacity, rotational speed & torque, delivering unsurpassed grinding performance for the end user.

The Mamba V1™ Advantage:
  • Delivers a perfect, fluffy grind every time
  • Never damages your herb or suppresses its true characteristics. Find hidden tastes, aromas & potency.
  • Convenient single-handed operation requires no manual effort
  • Grinds 20x faster than a manual herb grinder
  • Touchless, accurate dispensing at the push of a button 
 Handheld electric grinder mamba


  • Forward – Reverse rocker prevents clogging & stalling
  • Efficient energy usage system preserves battery life for maximum operation time
  • Powerful 600 amp motor generates high torque for a powerful grind
  • Gear system maximizes power perfectly from motor to teeth
  • Efficient teeth design for a grind 20x faster than manual grinders
    The Ultimate Battery Powered Herb Grinder
    Finally a Battery Powered Grinder that always grinds even the stickiest of buds! 6 Volts of Battery Power ( 4 x 1.5 V AA Batteries ), a Powerful 0.6A Motor, Metal Gears, 26 Sharp Diamond Shaped Aluminum Teeth Rip and Tear Buds 20’x Faster than manual grinders. MAMBA grinds just the right amount of grind exactly where you need it. Every-time.


    Cone Shaped Herb Grinder Head for Accurate Dispensing

    The Mamba V1's cone-shaped head dispenses your herb accurately and hygienically. Enjoy a touchless experience with your her; one that preserves the integrity of your herb and never damages it.


    A Small Electric Herb Grinder Built Tough

    Mamba's patented rocker-switch grind mechanism can switch the grind direction at first sign of clogging- allowing you to tear and rip through the toughest of sticky bud. You can trust Mamba's calibrated gear system to deliver the high-torque required for any job.


     The Worlds Best Hand Held Electric Grinder

    No more wrist strain or cramp from manual grinders. Simply lay MAMBA flat, load your favorite herbal buds, close, point and shoot! The pouring spout deliveries your product exactly where you want it. Perfect for cooking, blunts, bowls and direct depositing into vaporizer chambers. No more annoying spills or waste!


    Mamba V1 Electric Grinder Specifications




    V1- 40 mm V1- 50 mm
    Size 40mm x 10mm  50mm x 10mm
    Storage Capacity 0.5 grams 1.0 grams
    Batteries Four AA Batteries One 9v Battery
    Motor 600 Amp 600 Amp


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