The Mamba Story


The grinding process is more important than you might think.

It’s not only about achieving a perfect, fluffy texture. A proper grind unlocks the full potential of your herb- everything from its aroma, to its taste, to its potency.

It has to be done just right.

We tested hundreds of grinders available on today’s market- everything from hand grinders to coffee grinders to scissors, and unfortunately, they all shared the same noticeable shortcomings:

These grinders provide an inconsistent, overly-evasive grind that damages the herb & suppresses its true characteristics.


At Mamba, we took what's always been done and re imagined it better. Faster. Easier.

Not only did we make the grinding process hygienic, one-handed & consistently precise at the touch of a button, our patented electronic grinding technology will NEVER damage your herb or suppress its taste, aroma or potency.

Mamba is so much more than just a grinder. It’s an icon of innovation in an industry that's been overlooked and ignored.

To all you stressed out students, overworked professionals and connoisseurs of everything herbal:


You deserve innovation in ALL aspects of life.

Innovate with MAMBA