Mamba Original

Ready to get fired up for your next herb grinding session? No matter how sticky or oily the herb, the Mamba Original Herb Grinder™ is here! Its powerful teeth easily penetrates any strain you load into it. 

  • Charcoal & Green
  • Pink & Silver
  • Black & Black
Compared to Hand Grinding15 times faster
Battery Capacity1500mAh Li-ion USB Rechargeable
Storage Capacity1 grams
Grinder Diameter50mm
Cone Loader IncludedYes

Mamba Grinder Makes Your Herb Stronger

The Mamba Electric Grinder grinds your herb to the perfect consistency-unlocking hidden tastes, aromas, & potency for elevated experiences. The Mamba Herb Grinder also comes complete with a precise cone-shaped dispensing system which allows users to fill vapes, pipes, rolling paper, or stash containers without wasting any material in the process. 

UPC: 884540167160

Unlocks Hidden Taste, Aroma & Potency

Touchless  Hygienic Dispensing

Convenient One Handed Operation

15x Faster Than Manual Herb Grinders

Mamba Electric Grinder™ - The Best Herb Grinder Ever Made

The Mamba Grinder is a small and portable electric grinder equipped with a powerful internal motor and a rocker-switch for forward and reverse grinding capabilities. Boasting a set of sharp diamond-cut teeth that can shred through even the stickiest buds, the Mamba Electric Grinder is nearly 15 times faster than a traditional manual grinder. Below is a video demonstration.

Mamba Grinder™- Professionally Engineered for Performance

Mamba's patented rocker-switch grind mechanism can switch the grind direction at first sign of clogging- allowing you to tear and rip through the toughest of sticky bud. You can trust Mamba's calibrated gear system to deliver the high-torque required for any job

Cone Shaped Head for Accurate Dispensing

  • Forward-reverse rocker switch prevents clogging & stalling
  • Efficient energy usage system provides battery life for maximum operation
  • Powerful motor generates high torque for a powerful grind
  • Gear system maximizes power perfectly from motor to teeth
  • User-friendly free standing design
  • Strong Neodymium magnetic closure
  • Aircraft grade anodized aluminum teeth
  • Cone-shaped dispensing tip
  • Grinds for a continuous 3 hours on full charges

No More Wrist Strain or Cramp From Manual Grinders.

Simply lay MAMBA flat, load your favourite herbal buds, close, point and shoot! The pouring spout deliveries your product exactly where you want it. Perfect for cooking, blunts, bowls and direct depositing into vaporizer chambers. No more annoying spills or waste!

Cone Shaped Head for Accurate Dispensing

The Mamba grinder's cone-shaped head dispenses your herb accurately and hygienically. Enjoy a touchless experience with your herb; one that preserves the integrity of your herb and never damages it.

Our MAMBA Community

Madison G. (@madsssstoner) - Mamba Grinder Ambassador
Mamba Grinder is an absolute game changer!
It has changed my ways! grinding my herb has never been easier! so glad to have found Mamba!
Madison G. (@madsssstoner)
It is amazing how far the cannammunity has come
I didn't know what to expect when I got this Mamba Grinder! After trying it out, this is one of my favorite grinders EVER! This electric grinder is SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE & it fills my king cones perfectly with an amazing even burn! Can't wait to check out the next few Mamba Grinders they are releasing!”
Bobby B (@bobbytokes)
Maria G. (@pieceofmaria4) - Mamba Grinders Ambassador
Everyone needs a Mamba Grinder in their lives!
I feel super fancy when I use it and it makes filling up a cone so easy
Maria G. (@pieceofmaria4)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Mamba electronic grinder work better than other grinders?

Typical grinders either grind your herbs so fine that it restricts airflow, or shreds it so thick that it's clumpy. The Mamba electric grinder doesn't just grind your herbs, it breaks up clumps and fluffs it to the perfect consistency. Mamba unlocks the hidden tastes, aromas & potency within your herb that other grinders are incapable of doing.

Will the Mamba grinder damage or crush my herb?

Unlike other grinders, Mamba's precision-calibrated electronic grinding system never damages your herb or suppresses its true characteristics.

Can it grind herbs & spices to a fine powder?

Mamba is best suited for dry fibrous herbs. The longer you grind, the finer the texture. NB. Not suitable for hard nuts, shells, pepper corns or beans.

Can the mamba grind sticky cannabis?

Mamba perfectly grinds any herb of your choice ;)

Will it grind fresh herbs?

The Mamba grinder is perfect for fresh herbs.

Is the Mamba made of quality material?

The Mamba is made of professionally engineered aircraft-grade aluminium, rechargeable lithium ion batteries and durable, ergonomic plastic encasing.

Do Mamba grinders require batteries?

Our Mamba Original Herb Grinder™ comes equipped with a internal USB rechargeable lithium ion battery.

How do you clean a Mamba grinder?

The detachable head can be soaked in alcohol. The motorized apparatus can be cleaned using a Q-tip and alcohol/water.

Does my mamba electric grinder come with a warranty?

Every Mamba electric grinder is backed by a 2-Year Limited Warranty. Register your warranty here.

I have lost the clear dispensing cone. Where can I get a replacement?

For replacement parts, simply get in touch with us.

I just placed an order, how long is the shipping time?

Please allow 2 – 5 business days of processing and production time for your order to ship out.International Orders will be shipped depending on the fulfillment center the product is from. Average transit times to the United States: 5 – 20 Business days Average transit times to International: 17 – 45 Business days.We provide tracking for every order. Tracking will be available once your product is shipped. Track your shipment here.

Can I cancel my order?

You are able to cancel your order with no penalty! You must cancel your order 24 hours after creating it for the cancellation to be applied. If the item has already shipped, please email

I have entered the wrong address!

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