Mamba Loader XL

No matter how oily or stocky your herb is, the Mamba Loader XL Electric Grinding system gets its powered teeth straight in, delivering as much or as little product as you load. Get fired-up for your next herb preparation!
  • Charcoal & Green
  • Pink & Silver
  • Green & Green
  • Smoky & Rainbow
Compared to Hand Grinding20 times faster
Battery Capacity2000mAh Li-ion USB Rechargeable
Storage Capacity2 grams
Grinder Diameter55mm
Cone Holder IncludedYes

The Mamba Loader XL Electric Grinder Unlocks Hidden Flavours, Aromas, And Potency

ROCKER SWITCH TECHNOLOGY: Grinds in both forward and reverse (left & right) directions. Just simply push the Rocker Switch, alternating directions, and prevent jams and clogging. At the push of a button, get the hard work done without cramp or strain
USB RECHARGEABLE: Connect to any USB power output eg. a power bank, with the included USB lead and conveniently recharge. Its high capacity 2000mAh Li-ion battery powers 3Nm of torque for the precision-milled teeth to effortlessly slice, chop and extract culinary flavours and cooking aromas
EASY ONE HADED OPERATION: Without the usual strain or cramp, the easy-to-use Rocker Switch ensures a jam-free motion and therapeutic benefits for infirm hands with limited joint mobility and strength
FASTER THAN MANUAL GRINDING: Boasting a set of sharp diamond-cut teeth that can shred through even the stickiest buds, the Mamba Loader XL Electric Grinder is nearly 20 times faster than a traditional manual grinder.