Indoor Smokers Review the Mamba V1 Electric Grinder

The crew from Indoor Smokers tested out the Mamba electric herb grinder- and loved it!

You can check out the video here:


Who are the Indoor Smokers?

Indoor Smokers takes a look at products and herbs involved in vaping and smoking. They take a colorful approach to their reviews, and their videos are simple, funny, and not flashy.
What is great about their reviews is that, despite joking around and having a good time, they get right down to business and talk about the products they are reviewing in great, practical detail. 
This is the case with their review of the Mamba: they show every practical aspect of the grinder, from removing it from the original packaging to using it to produce lots of perfect grind.
Check out IndoorSmokers for other reviews and content: they are a great source for anyone into herbs and vaping.


Review of the Mamba Electric Grinder

What is great about this review of the Mamba is that we are able to see the grinder in its original packaging, and watch how quickly they are able to load it and start grinding. 
We get to see the grinder passed amongst different people, and everyone appears to think the product is pretty cool and like the way that it feels in their hands.
The cone at the end of the grinder and the fact that the Mamba automatically dispenses perfectly ground herbs while it is running is a clear favourite feature to the reviewers. 
The speed and power of the Mamba is clearly evident, and they remark at how easily the grinder handles a particularly dense clump of herbs.
The grind-on-demand aspect of the Mamba is demonstrated and remarked upon in the video.  They load the Mamba up with a lot of herb, and then are able to put the grinder aside without completely grinding everything. 
It produces enough for their purposes, and then when they need more they just hit the switch and grind some more.
The reviewers comment on how nice and fine the grind is that the Mamba produces: perfect for vaporizers, smoking, or other uses.  They seem pleasantly surprised, as if they didn’t expect such good results from a grinder so quickly.
The Mamba is a product the likes of which they truly haven’t seen before, and they make comments about how it is a game changer and sure to be something worth showing off to friends. 
The review video is enthusiastic and upbeat, and it is clear that the Mamba has won the reviewers over.


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Indoor Smokers Review the Mamba V1 Electric Grinder

Another Happy Reviewer!

The Mamba electric herb grinder is starting to make headway into the market, and reviewers have all praised the product.  This is the same with the Epic Herb Reviews’ review of the Mamba: they like the grinder, and are excited with the Mamba’s host of innovative features.

Check out the video link if you want to get a good idea of how the Mamba works, how it looks in its packaging, and how easy it can make herb grinding.

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