Introducing the Mamba V2 Electric Herb Grinder

The Next Generation of Mamba

The original Mamba electric herb grinder made quite the splash when it was rolled out, and continues to serve users well.  However, we received feedback that we felt would be best addressed by rolling out a new, redesigned Mamba: the Mamba V2! 

The Mamba V2 electric grinder takes the good from the original Mamba, but adds in areas where the original was lacking.  We’ve carefully reviewed the original design, listened to the feedback we’ve received, and even dug through Amazon reviews so that we can release a new product that is sure to improve on the first Mamba.
So now, let’s get excited about the Mamba V2!


The Mamba Electric Grinder Advantage 

First, let’s start by saying that the Mamba V2 doesn’t lose any of the advantages of the first Mamba.  The Mamba’s key components and accessibility are retained, and this product is still the same great grinder with some upgrades based on feedback that we have now been able to obtain now that the product has been on the market for the past few years.

The Mamba V2 takes the one-handed, powerful original Mamba to new heights, so let’s get into the reasons why you should get excited about the V2.

The Mamba V2: New features, New grinder 

In the world of product development, the first run always reveals areas to improve.  Despite extensive testing and evaluation, users of the Mamba were able to report to us things they would like to see improved in a next-generation product.


Well, we listened, so read below for the improvements we have made to the Mamba through the all-new Mamba V2!


1 - Internal Lithium Ion Battery


To keep up with heavy use and provide the consistent power needed to run our even more powerful motor, we have gone away from disposable batteries and switch to an internal, rechargeable lithium ion battery.


Lithium ion technology has surpassed other batteries in terms of service life, power, and size-to-charge ratios.  We felt it was time to put this technology into the Mamba, and the V2 now uses an internal lithium ion battery and charger to power its grinder.


Our rechargeable battery has high up time, and provides a deeper well of power to the bigger motor used in the V2.  So get ready for longer grinding times and increased portability!


2 - Deeper, Larger Grinding Capacity


While the original Mamba was far from small, some users felt a larger capacity would be more desirable.  They were having fun with the Mamba, but those big flowers and pieces were challenging to load.


We have deepened the grinder’s loading area and redesigned the tooth pattern to improve the capacity of the Mamba V2, so get ready for lots of product!


3 - Tighter Seals


The seals and funnel have been strengthened to allow for greater security during grinding.  The new V2 can better handle large loads, and seals do a better job holding the grinder together.


The entire grinding head has been strengthened to improve its performance under conditions that would be considered abuse for the original Mamba, so go ahead and give it all you’ve got!


4 - More Power, More Speed


Although the original Mamba is a powerful electric grinder, improving on it was just too tempting.  So we opened up the hood and strengthened the gear train to hand some extra power.


Along with the new seals, deeper capacity, and redesigned teeth, this is a grinder that can handle whatever you throw into it.  Greasy herbs?  Herbs not completely dry?  Go ahead.  The V2 will grind and fluff your herbs in less time than you can get your papers ready.


5 - Stronger and Sleeker


While we had the grinder back on the drawing board, we examined every aspect of the original design.  Handle materials were improved.  Ergonomics were analysed.  The end result is a new Mamba that feels even sleeker and stronger than the original.


The same perfect balance and simplicity have been retained, so don’t worry about losing any positives from the first Mamba.  We have simply taken the time to refine our product even further.  After all, we’re only happy when you are.

Why the Mamba V2 is Just Plain Awesome

We’re proud of the work that we did on the first Mamba, and even happier with ourselves for what we have done with the V2.  The original Mamba redefined what a grinder can be, and the V2 redefines what a Mamba is.

 So if you were one of our first customers and your experience with the Mamba was not all you thought it could be, we’re truly sorry.  We have listened to your feedback and suggestions, and have created a grinder that is sure to impress.


Stronger.  More powerful.  Sleeker.  More capacity.


The Mamba V2 has it all and then some: give it a shot and be prepared to be blown away!

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