Mamba Electric Herb Grinder Kickstarter Video

Our Beginning: The Mamba Herb Grinder Kickstarter Video

In 2017, the Mamba electric herb grinder made it's debut as the next big thing in the world of grinders. The original Kickstarter video for the herb grinder starts with the world's first introduction to the Mamba V1 electric herb grinder. Narrated by co-founder Anderson Seale, the Mamba is described as the solution to stress: stress from messy, tedious, slow and inconsistent herb grinders.


After the funny start to the video, we get several shots of the Mamba in action grinding different types of herbs, and see several examples of people using it in different settings.  A cutaway of the internal mechanisms of the Mamba is then shown, and the narrator describes the herb grinder’s durable, fast, and precise mechanics.


The Mamba’s good looks are put on display, and there are shots of the manufacturing process showing precision lathe work in the manufacturing of aluminium components.  The narrator begins to describe the perfect way the Mamba can create grinds for food, and he then ends with the statement that the Mamba is all about bringing people together.


This ends the more polished first third of the video.



The Mamba Herb Grinder’s Design and Development

The Mamba Herb Grinder’s Design and Development

The video shifts to the narrator at his design desk with Mamba’s schematic on the screen and a Mamba on the desk for scale.  He then proceeds to say “Let’s get serious”, and describes the design and manufacturing process that led to the Mamba.


With a gentle transition, the screen cuts to Rob Todd, a Mamba designer and tester from Denver Colorado, who explains the shortcomings of other grinders that led to creation of the Mamba: competitors’ grinders are inconvenient and slow to use, messy to unload, and all require two-handed operation.


Rob explains that the Mamba was a ground-up design, borrowing nothing from existing grinders and meant to be a product unlike anything on the market today, all while the screen shows the Mamba from different angles.  The original narrator then describes how to load and use the Mamba herb grinder while the video shows a Mamba being loaded with and then grinding calendula flower buds.


The screen then cuts to shots of the Mamba’s design and construction, with Rod Todd talking about how this ultimate herb grinder was carefully designed over a period of more than a year.  He describes the positive reviews from those who had the opportunity to use Mamba prototypes, and then makes a quick comment about the low price of the unit.


The Kickstarter Pitch for the Mamba Electric Herb Grinder

The video then subtly transitions to Rod describing the many hours and many rounds of prototypes that have led to the final product.  It is mentioned that open tooling has been done, many prototypes made and sent to the lab for testing, and that production is ready to be ramped up.


Rod then explains, while the camera pans over a bench full of new Mamba grinders, that the product is now working perfectly and their Denver, CO distribution center is ready to start supplying clients with the herb grinder.  He explains that backing is needed just for raw materials to meet the initial surge in demand once the product is distributed.


At this point, Rod asks the viewer to be one of the first to own a Mamba, and that with enough support they can continue to bring good things into the world.  The Mamba is shown in full packaging, and then the video transitions to a shot of the black Mamba logo, before ending. 


The Mamba V1 battery-powered herb grinder’s Kickstarter campaign video is a well-developed and persuasive piece, and does a good job not only describing the design process, but also serves as a truthful and honest advertisement for the Mamba itself.  We get to see the grinder in action, see how sleek it looks in the hand, and even get a feel for how fast and powerful it is.


2024 was a great year for Mamba...
Here's to many more!

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