Signs You Need a New Grinder


Signs You Need a New Grinder

Grinders do not last forever. After all, they are machines, and machines eventually wear out or become obsolete.


You may be using an older grinder that is well past its prime. The tricky part is knowing if it is time to upgrade or not. If your grinder is broken, then this is an easy decision to make, but otherwise it is hard to know if you are prolonging the long-overdue death of an old grinder. 


This article will explain what to look for in your grinders to see if it is time to upgrade. Right from the beginning, we encourage you to read - or re-read - our Definitive Guide to Herb Grinders article as this is a great starting point to learn about what grinders are available to you.


We will be heavily suggesting that you change from hand grinder to electric if you have not made the switch already, so much of this article will focus on the recent advances made in electric dry herb grinders.


Get the Latest and Greatest

If you are using a hand grinder and are adamant of staying with a hand grinder, then we recommend the Masher hand grinder. You will be impressed with the strength and durability of this product, and the ability to connect it to an electric drill gives you a powered option.

Signs You Need a New Grinder


Otherwise, those using hand grinders or outdated electric grinders should look into a high-quality electric grinder. The Mamba V1 and V2 are fantastic electric grinders that have revolutionized the world of grinding. 

But before we talk about recent innovation, let us describe the signs and symptoms of a grinder that is at the end of its lifespan.


Signs of a Worn Grinder

Hand grinders begin to fail when you start noticing increasing play between the components. Sometimes a combination of weakening magnets, increased play, and broken teeth lead to the grinder being easier to use while failing to grind herbs properly. If your grind has become inconsistent and lumpy, it is time to upgrade. Remember, your grinder will last longer if you learn how to properly clean your grinder.

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signs you need a new herb grinder

For electric grinders, the same issues that cause problems in hand grinders can also appear. If the teeth have broken off and the grind quality is not what you remember it being when the grinder was new, it is time to upgrade.

Electric grinders have the added complexity of a battery, motor, and gear train. If your grinder seems underpowered even on a full charge or cannot get through a decent grind without needing new batteries or a charge, your grinder has reached the end of its life.

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Advances in Battery Technology, Grinding Teeth, and Ergonomics

New electric grinders have come a long way since they were first introduced into the market. The Mamba V2 is the latest and greatest in electric grinding technology, and it builds upon the already-fantastic V1. 

The original Mamba V1 is a great electric grinder. It introduced the world to convenient one-handed grinding, and its powerful motor and well-designed teeth enable it to power through all sorts of herbs.

The V1 uses replaceable batteries which have various pros and cons. The advantage to using AA batteries means that the grinder gets to benefit from the latest and greatest AA battery technology and also means that replacements can be carried if you anticipate being away from wall power. 

The upgraded V2 adds several features to the V1 design, and one of these is an internal rechargeable battery. Enough feedback was seen from customers who love the V1 but still prefer the idea of an internal rechargeable battery, so the designers added an advanced lithium-ion battery pack to the V2. Check this guide to learn more about Mamba Grinder.

No matter which Mamba you choose, you will be happy with the grinder. If you are experiencing the signs and symptoms noted above for a weak electric grinder or are tired of using a hand grinder, a Mamba will dramatically improve your grinding experiences.

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Not all electric grinders are created equally. Beware of cheap units with weak, outdated batteries and obsolete charging methods. Many potentially excellent designs have been sidelined by a poor choice in battery, so be cautious about what you buy.

Unless you are an enthusiast and want something high-quality like the Masher, you will be better off going electric. Hand grinders are fairly primitive and are an outdated way of grinding herbs. There has been so much research and innovation done in the world of electric grinding and it will be worth your while to get something new, in-style, and likely to last for a long time.

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