Want Stronger Herb? Give These Tips a Try!

Welcome, herb and spice culinary enthusiasts! If you're anything like us, you understand the magic that herbs bring to every dish—their ability to elevate flavors from the mundane to the extraordinary is truly unparalleled. But as we all know, achieving that perfect harmony of taste and aroma is both an art and a science.

The quest? To maximize the potency of our herbs, ensuring that even the smallest pinch packs a punch, thereby enhancing our culinary creations in the most efficient and flavorful way possible.

So, join us as we explore the best practices for boosting the strength and flavor of your herbs, ensuring you get the utmost value from your green treasures.

Choosing High-Quality Herbs

We might as well start with the obvious, if your herb is sub-par, there’s not a lot you can do about it. You can have the best grinders and vaporizers, but if you’re starting with a herb blend that is low-quality, you won’t be happy no matter what you do.

Now, you may not notice at first if you are new to the world of herbs, but with time your senses will learn to tell the difference between good herb and bad herb, and then there won’t be any fooling yourself.

Although what is good and bad in the world of herbs is somewhat subjective, here’s a simple test for yourself to try if you’re not sure about the quality of your herb: your gut.

Find yourself not feeling the effects as much as you used to?

Is the taste weak or not fresh?

If you answer yes to these sorts of questions, then it may be time to invest in better herbs. Don’t feel bad: people’s tastes change.


Proper Herb Grinding

Once you know that you have a good product, it is time to evaluate the way you prepare your herbs. If you’re not really doing much to prepare them, this is the next place you need to look: get a good grinder!

Our other posts have spoken at length about why you should grind your herbs and we encourage you to check them out, but we’ll do a quick recap here.

To get flavour out of herbs, their surface area needs to be increased to expose the flavour.  This is what a grinder does, and it allows for herbs to release their flavour and aroma.

Pre-ground herbs will lose freshness over time and become stale because the little particles have more surface area to allow for this loss. Pre-ground herbs from the store were likely ground a long time ago, and much of their flavour and value has been lost to the time between grinding and final use.

To preserve the positive qualities of your herbs, it is best to keep them in dry, intact form until they are needed. Then, a grinder can be used to prepare them for your planned activity.

So now that you know you need to grind to get stronger, more pleasurable use out of your herbs, let’s talk about what type of grinder you should buy.



The Best Grinders for Full-Flavour and Super Strength

The Best Grinders for Full-Flavour and Super Strength

Grinding is an art, and thankfully there are one-handed electric grinders on the market that have made this task easy and reliable. 

One such example is the Mamba electric grinder:

What makes the Mamba so good at helping you get the most out of your herbs is that it grinds to a predetermined size and consistency. There is no experimentation and guesswork here: just load your herbs, hit the switch, and you’ll be enjoying your herbs in no time at all.

If you’re using a grinder that does not grind the herbs enough or leaves large chunks, the flavour and burn will be uneven. 

If you grind your herbs to the point where they become powder or paste, you’ll destroy the structure of the plant and the grind will be difficult to handle. 

The trick here is to find that happy middle ground, which is a consistently-smooth grind with lots of small pieces to achieve a powerful flavour.

If you’re using scissors, your hands, or a coffee grinder, you’re almost certainly not getting the most pleasure out of your herbs, and compared to an electric grinder, you’re definitely wasting a lot of time in the process.

Use A Grinder That Doesn't Waste the Herb Pollen

Herb Pollen is the fine powder produced from herbs plant leaves containing trichomes (resin glands) that are dried.

Using a quality grinder with razor sharp machined teeth is a simple and extremely effective method to increase Herb Pollen absorption.

A grinder that slices cleanly through your flower will preserve the integrity of your herbs, resulting in plenty of trichomes on your product. This results in a more potent herbs end result for the most potent and flavorful hits.

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