12 Cheap Herb Grinders For Sale Under $50

Grinders, also referred to as herb grinders, are devices that enable users to break up their herbs into fine pieces that are easy to use. Herb grinders are normally made of aluminum, plastic or stainless steel and are either operated by manual hand turning or by electric battery power.

The effectiveness to which they function is due to the presence of a three or four-part compartment design, two opposing pieces with sharp teeth and a screen or sifter placed in between them. These multiple compartments include a lower pollen catcher which saves the trichomes resulting from the grinding or breaking up botanical parts.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Using a Grinder For Herb

7 Cheap Herb Grinders For Sale Under $50 - Pros and Cons of using a herb grinder

There are various advantages and disadvantages of herb grinders. Some of the major benefits associated with herb grinders include:

  • Grinders enable users to easily break up botanical stems and buds into even, fine pieces that enable for enhanced herb user experience.
  • Grinders are easy to use and clean, this is because they come with a sifter that enables the pieces of botanical buds to fall through it as they're ground.
  • Some herb grinders offer multiple compartments that separate the different by-products of grinding botanical buds
  • The best quality herb grinders ensure even grinding with accurately made mechanisms or the addition of frictionless collar rings which also promote long-lasting durability.

On the other hand, however; there are also disadvantages associated with herb grinders. Some of the major disadvantages include:

  • A good number of low-grade cheap herb grinders are made from low-quality materials, with a tendency to get stuck or tarnish easily, leading to poor performance and a non-optimal grinding experience.
  • Some herb grinders tend to jam on frequent use, this makes it difficult for users to properly break up their herb into finer pieces that can be used in devices.
  • The presence of a catcher in some herb grinders makes it difficult for users to properly tap out their herbs, and usually require a small spatula or spoon to clean out material.

A herb grinder can be powered manually or electrically:

Manual Grinders: A manual herb grinder does not require power of any kind for it to work. It is activated by the user's hand pressure on the herb grinder.

Electric Grinders: An electric herb grinder requires little to no effort on the user's part to operate. Types include those that use disposable batteries or newer USB rechargeable batteries

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Grinders for sale under $50

Below is a list of herb grinders that cost about $50 or less:


1. Mamba Electric Herb Grinders


The Mamba Electric herb Grinder

Our very own electric Mamba Herb Grinder kicks off this list (and why not!). Powered by a USB rechargeable Li-ion battery, the V2-50 rapidly dispenses 15X faster than hand grinding. No matter how oily or sticky, its razor-sharp teeth powers its way through buds. Hold up to 1g of your favorite herb product in anodized aluminum heads locked together by a strong magnet. Complete in a sleek body with stylish colors, and portable one-handed use. 


2. Tectonic9 Manual Hand Grinder


Tectonic9 Manual Hand Grinder

The Tectonic9 herb manual hand grinder is among the best herb grinders in terms of size. It has a diameter of 2 inches that can hold up to 2 grams of herbs at any given time. A single press of a button activates a powerful vibrational electric motor that evenly dispenses your herbs through the spout.


3. Sharpshtone Hand Crank Grinders:


Sharpshtone Hand Crank Grinders:

These herb grinders are very high-quality manual hand-cranked herb grinders. They include a four-piece herb grinder that is made of metal and includes a herb sharpshooter that catches stems, two removable lids for storing botanical parts or spices, and a tray that collects pollen. It has sharp herb shredding teeth that produce herb grinding simply by twisting the herb grinder back and forth.


4. PenSimple


PenSimple Battery Powered Herb Grinder


is a basic and pen-shaped battery-powered herb grinder and portable storage vault that makes ground herbs accessible at the push of a button. Store up to 3 grams of your favorite ground herbs ready to dispense. Never experience sticky fingers or a spilt grinder again with its secure and efficient design.


5.  Electric Spice Herb Grinder by Easy Grinder


Electric Spice Herb Grinder by Easy Grinder


Another pen-shaped battery grinder is the Easy Grinder Electric Spice Herb Grinder. With the touch of a button, Easy Grinder’s grinding chamber works to provide a customizable level of grinding power all the time. With ceramic coated non-stick blades device, clogging is lessened even with the stickiest of herbs.


6. Santa Cruz Hand Shredder


Santa Cruz Hand Shredder


Even though this is an under $50 list, let's take a look at the Santa Cruz Shredder at $80. With medical-grade, ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum, a unique threading pattern, friction ring, “inverted square” tooth design, and textured grip to make it easy to use for medical consumers who have a hard time gripping small objects, and capped off with a rare-earth magnet in the lid, it certainly is a top-grade item.


7. iRainy Spice Herb Grinder


iRainy Spice Herb Grinder


Not forgetting budget-seekers, there is the manual iRainy Spice Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher coming in at a cent under $9. Made of zinc, which is a standard, safe metal for grinders and includes a pollen catcher chamber with a small spoon for no wastage.

8. 2.5" Round Wood 2-Piece Grinder

2.5 Round Wood 2-Piece Grinder

This Round Wood 2 piece Grinder is an affordable grinder made from polished wood. It has a medium sized grinding capacity and is perfect for grinding your herb. The wood construction makes it strong and durable with a nice natural non plastic and metal aesthetic.

Measuring 2.5 inches in diameter, it has rounded teeth that tears apart material without destroying it. A no-fuss, simple and durable solution for your grinding needs.

9. Aerospaced Grinder

12 Cheap Herb Grinders For Sale Under $50 - Aerospaced Grinder

All of the tough grinders produced by Higher Standards are solid, aircraft-grade aluminum with a non-stick surface, but this one may be the most practical. It's ideal for travel because it's barely 1.6 inches across.

The diamond-shaped teeth can equally shred even thick nugs into a consistent final grind, and despite its diminutive size, it still has a full 4-piece construction with a pollen collector.

10. V Syndicate Non-Stick Grinder Card

V Syndicate Non-Stick Grinder Card

This discrete grinder card is credit card sized and is extremely portable. It is simple to use and can be carried safely and without fuss in a wallet or purse. Simply take it out of the protective sleeve and use it as you normally would a kitchen grater.

This grinder is incredibly sturdy and made of stainless steel. You don't have to worry about damaged parts because there are no moving parts.

11. MedTainer Storage Container

MedTainer Storage Container

A grinder is integrated into the MedTainer storage container. When looking to be discreet about your medication wherever you are, the MedTainer is the ideal on-the-go option. The Medtainer is an airtight, watertight, and scent-trapping container that resembles a drugstore bottle for medication.

Complete with a handy grinder in the cap and is made of medical grade plastic. However, it does have a small capacity and its plastic build isn’t very durable.

12. Magnetic Mini Cellphone Herb Grinder

Magnetic Mini Cellphone Herb Grinder

Designed like an everyday smartphone, this the ideal, transportable tool for herb enthusiasts searching for efficient way to break up their herbal substance. Because of its small size and innovative design, the grinder may easily be transported in a pocket or purse without drawing unwanted attention.

With diamond-shaped teeth and a magnetic clasp for safety during usage, any herb material is effortlessly crushed and ground into a fluffy, manageable texture.

Which of These Grinders Is The Best Bang For The Buck?

In its most basic function, a good herb grinder ensures flower buds are evenly ground and better enhance the quality of the user's herbs or botanicals. With so many grinders on the market, this article's criteria was for users that require grinders coming under $50, with modern features, positive reviews and a recognized brand.

With that in mind, the Electric Mamba Grinder with USB rechargeable battery, aluminum heads and a cool-stylish design fulfils all those considerations.

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