710 Community reviews the Mamba Electric Herb Grinder

710 Community reviews the Mamba Electric Weed Grinder

The 710 Community Freaky Design

Josh from the 710 Community checked out the Mamba and loved it!

You can watch the video here: Youtube

Who is the 710 Community?

Josh is an experienced herb enthusiast, active on Instagram under @the710community. He’s a connoisseur in every sense of the word: he’s knowledgeable of current products on the market, he appreciates quality herb, and has really done his research. His 10k followers trust his expertise and reviews.

Mamba 40mm features to watch for:

In this video, Josh shows off some of the Mamba’s best features: a durable body and components, Power-Rocker Technology™, the cone-shaped touchless gravity dispensing system, and the high-quality aircraft grade aluminum parts. The speed of the Mamba really shines in this video. As soon as Josh presses the button, perfectly ground herb begins to fall through the dispensing tip. The Mamba really exceeded Josh’s expectations!


710 Community reviews

710 Community Mamba Review

Josh starts the video by accidentally dropping the Mamba several feet onto the ground, oops! Fortunately, the Mamba is durable and withstood the drop with no issues. While Josh is unpacking the Mamba, you can clearly see the environmentally friendly packaging with minimal waste. The carboard box can be recycled, and the Mamba is so durable that it doesn’t require any additional packing inside the box. Josh shows the camera the small paper insert with instructions and tosses it aside – that move will come back to bite him! Always make sure to thoroughly read the instructions!

Josh then shows us the grinder and introduces himself, and explains that he couldn’t figure out why his Mamba wasn’t working – remember that instruction sheet he tossed? He didn’t know how many batteries he needed! The V1 and V2 need 4 AA batteries. The new Mamba 9V will use a 9V battery – be sure to check which one will work best for you.


The 710 Community Using the Mamba Grinder

In order to review the grinding capabilities of the electric dry herb grinder Mamba 40mm, Josh has decided to grind three different packing levels of herb, which he has appropriately named:

  1. Light pack

  2. A nice stuffing

  3. Fullernshit

The Mamba blasted through the first level (Light pack) with no issue and produced a perfect, fluffy grind immediately. For the second level (A nice stuffing), Josh used the Rocker-Switch Technology™ to get an identical grind to the first – perfect and fluffy, 20x faster than a manual grinder. After stuffing more herb into the 40mm grinder than looks physically possible, the Rocker-Switch Technology™ had no problem delivering a third round a perfectly ground herb.

The 710 Community Using the Mamba Grinder - 2

710 Community overall impressions

Like others who have reviewed the Mamba, Josh was impressed the Mamba’s ability to power through even the most jam-inducing packing. He really tried to hard test the Mamba’s motor, and the Mamba won at every obstacle! The Rocker-Switch Technology™ and gravity dispensing system combined delivered a perfect bowl at the end of the video. Another satisfied reviewer! Be sure to give Josh a follow-on Instagram at @the710community for more reviews, info, and inspiration.


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