The Mamba V1 Electric Grinder, as Seen on HighRise TV!

This blog has spent a lot of time talking about different types of grinders and how best to grind herbs, but for this post we will be focusing exclusively on the Mamba electric grinder and its review by HighRise TV.

You can check out the video here:

Who is HighRise TV?

For those of you unfamiliar with HighRise, they are an outfit dedicated to the herb industry, and they decided to try the Mamba grinder themselves.

Through an unashamedly no-nonsense approach to their subject matter, HighRise has steadily built an impressive following.  Their YouTube channel, HighRise TV, has over 200K subscribers, and they have created a loyal fanbase.

This is a reputable herb media center:

HighRise TV and the Mamba Electric Herb Grinder

Regardless of the types of herbs you want to grind, this video does a great job showing the Mamba in action. 

As far as herbs go, herb can be greasy and difficult to grind, so it is an excellent test herb for the grinder.

The reviewer, Macdizzle, has a brutally-honest approach in her reviews, so you can be sure that if the Mamba did not grind up to her standards then she would have no problem telling you.

Some excellent points about the Mamba are made throughout the video:

  • Power: Macdizzle comments on how strong the Mamba is and how easily it powers through the toughest clogs.
  • Speed: speed is a major factor here, and she shows how quickly the Mamba produces the grind she is looking for.
  • Convenience: one-handed and cordless operation all are big pros that are mentioned in this video.  We are able to watch her use the Mamba while performing other tasks with her free hand, and she seems to think this is the best part of the Mamba.

herb users typically use hand grinders to grind their product, and this video is quick to point out how much better the Mamba is for this job. 

Not only does it outperform hand grinders, it is fun and easy to use, and seems to make the entire experience more enjoyable.

Herb grinding can be messy, and having the cone on the Mamba to direct herb exactly where you want it is a big plus. 

Although that isn’t a focus in this video, it is easy to see how simple it was for Macdizzle to get her grind exactly where she needed it.

Another Happy Reviewer.

A positive review of the Mamba from HighRise TV is a big plus for the Mamba. 

To see all the features it has in action, by an actual user really shows you how great of a grinder the Mamba really is.


No matter what kind of herb you are looking to grind, the Mamba Electric Grinder is the grinder for you.

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