Herb Grinders for Those Suffering from Arthritis & Hand Injuries


If you suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other condition that makes results in difficulty in performing tasks with your hands, herb grinding can seem like an unfriendly world.

After all, most hand grinders require two-handed operation AND can be difficult to turn. 


The Impact of Arthritis and Hand Injuries on Cannabis Consumption

Arthritis and hand injuries can cause significant discomfort for individuals, affecting their daily routines and activities. For those who use cannabis as a means of managing their symptoms, these conditions can have a direct impact on their consumption habits. Limited mobility and dexterity may impede their ability to roll joints or pack a pipe, while pain in the hands can make holding or using a vaporizer difficult. 

Despite these challenges, many turn to cannabis for its potential pain relief properties. As cannabis continues to gain recognition as a legitimate form of alternative medicine, it's important to consider the needs of those who may find themselves struggling to medicate due to physical limitations.

The Growing Market for Cannabis Products Catering to Special Needs

As the world of cannabis products continues to expand, more and more specialized products are becoming available to patients with a variety of special needs. From those who suffer from chronic pain to individuals experiencing anxiety or depression, cannabis products are being tailored to address a range of conditions. 

As laws and attitudes towards cannabis shift, we can expect this market to continue to grow, helping more people find relief and improve their quality of life. It's an exciting time for innovation and exploration in this field, and we can expect great things to come in the years ahead.

How Herb Grinders Can Help Users with Arthritis Maintain Independence

Arthritis can cause pain and stiffness in the joints, which can make even the simplest tasks challenging and uncomfortable. This is where herb grinders can come in handy for those with arthritis. By using an herb grinder, users can grind their herbs with ease, taking away the need for manual dexterity and finger strength. 

Herb grinders can also ensure that users are able to use all parts of their herb, which is important as this can often reduce waste. By relying on an herb grinder, users can take control of their medication and maintain independence, without having to worry about the effects arthritis can have on their ability to grind herbs.

Customer Stories: How Herb Grinders Have Improved Cannabis Access

As the world is beginning to embrace the cannabis industry, more and more people are realizing the benefits of using herb grinders. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, herb grinders have improved cannabis access in several ways. For one, they make preparing your cannabis for consumption more efficient, providing a consistent grind that promotes an even burn and helps you get the most out of every bud. 

But perhaps most importantly, herb grinders have enabled customers to consume their cannabis more discreetly and efficiently. With so many options on the market, from manual to electric grinders, customers are now able to find the perfect grinder to meet their specific needs. All in all, herb grinders have become an indispensable tool for regular cannabis users and an innovative way to improve their overall experience.

Creating Inclusive Cannabis Access with User-Friendly Herb Grinders

As cannabis legalization continues to expand, it's essential to explore ways to make cannabis consumption inclusive for all individuals. Herb grinders are an essential tool in the cannabis community, but not all grinders are user-friendly for people with disabilities or limited mobility. Fortunately, innovative designs are emerging that address this issue and make cannabis consumption more accessible. 

For example, some herb grinder brands offer grinders that are more ergonomic and easier to use for people with arthritis or other mobility issues. Additionally, inclusive grinders can also come in a variety of sizes, catering to cannabis users with varying abilities. By offering more inclusive options, the cannabis community can ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy the benefits of this fantastic plant.

Choosing the Right Herb Grinder for Limited Hand Mobility

For those with limited hand mobility, choosing the right herb grinder can make a world of difference. Finding a grinder that fits comfortably in your hand, is easy to twist or press, and has a non-slip grip is essential. There are various types of herb grinders to choose from, including manual and electric options. 

Manual grinders typically require more effort and strength to operate, while electric grinders are easier to use with the push of a button. Consider the size and weight of the grinder as well, as some may be more manageable than others. With a little bit of research and consideration, you can find the perfect herb grinder to make your herbal experience enjoyable and effortless.

Ergonomic Design Features in Herb Grinders for Arthritis

Arthritis can make even the simplest tasks feel like a struggle, but thankfully, there are tools available to make daily life easier. Herb grinders, in particular, have been designed with ergonomic features that cater to those with arthritis. These grinders are equipped with larger, easy-to-turn knobs, nonslip grips, and smooth-turning mechanisms to minimize pain and discomfort when grinding herbs. 

Not only do these grinders help alleviate the pain associated with arthritis, but they also make for a more efficient and enjoyable herb-grinding experience. For those who suffer from arthritis, an herb grinder with ergonomic design features can be a game-changer in their daily routine.

Grinder Accessories for Easier Handling and Operation

Using a grinder can sometimes be tricky, messy, or even dangerous. That's where grinder accessories come in handy. With accessories like grinder trays, catch jars, tampers, and cleaning brushes, you can take your herb grin dingcoffee game to the next level and make the grinding process more efficient, clean, and safe. 

No more spilled product, uneven grinds, or messy hands. These game-changing accessories not only make your life easier, but they also help you achieve a consistent grind size and quality

Tips for Optimal Grinding Experience with Limited Hand Dexterity

For those with limited hand dexterity, achieving the perfect grind can seem like a daunting task. However, fear not, as there are several tips and tricks you can utilize to make the process easier and more enjoyable. One important factor to keep in mind is the type of grinder you choose. 

Opt for a model with an ergonomic design and larger handles, which can provide a better grip and more comfortable experience. Additionally, consider using a grinder with a wider opening to reduce the need for fine motor skills. 

Another useful tip is to use your non-dominant hand to stabilize the grinder while using your dominant hand to turn the handle. Don't be afraid to experiment with different techniques until you find the one that works best for you. With a little patience and practice, you can achieve a consistently perfect grind every time.

Herb Grinders for Those Suffering from Arthritis

Challenging factors of manual herb grinding

Herb density and the friction between the plates themselves can make it particularly challenging, and many have smooth outsides that are difficult to grip. 

These manual grinders are not well-designed for those who have trouble with manual dexterity.

Herbs are supposed to help you relax and enjoy life, so it is only natural to be on the lookout for an herb grinder that doesn’t add unnecessary difficulty into the process. 

So, this post is going to focus on what sorts of grinders allow for full-function without requiring serious effort from the user.


Comparing Manual and Electric Herb Grinders for Arthritis Sufferers

Arthritis can make many daily tasks challenging, including grinding herbs for cooking or medicinal purposes. Fortunately, there are options available to make this task easier. Manual herb grinders require significant effort and use of hand and wrist muscles, while electric herb grinders operate with the push of a button. 

While electric grinders are easier to use, they can be more expensive and may not have the same level of portability as manual grinders. It is important to compare the two options and consider individual needs and preferences when choosing the right herb grinder for arthritis sufferers. With the right tool, grinding herbs can become a pain-free and enjoyable experience.

Electric Herb Grinders: Best for Arthritis and Disabilities

If you’ve been reading our other blog posts, you’re probably aware that we are pro-electric herb grinder. 

There are enough advantages in these electric units to outweigh the disadvantages of hand grinders, and with new battery and charging technology, hand grinders no longer offer any advantage over electric.

But if you suffer from arthritis or have difficulty using both hands for an activity like grinding herbs, an electric grinder offers you a whole new ability to enjoy the same grind you may have enjoyed in the past. 


Let’s explain:
  • Electric grinders use a motor to provide the force for grinding: no more cumbersome hand grinder to wear out your wrists.

  • Electric grinders are faster, so even if you are able to use a manual hand grinder, switching to electric will save you time and have you enjoying your herbs like never before.

  • Many electric grinders offer one-handed operation, which takes their ease of use to a whole new level.


It’s worth noting here that the battery-powered electric Mamba grinder offers all of these benefits, and takes it further to provide you with a fun grinding experience.

The Mamba is perfectly balanced and fits beautifully in your hand: when using it, you’re using a high-quality precision tool that is the perfect companion for anyone who has difficulties using a hand grinder.

How to Use the Mamba Electric Grinder from Mamba Grinders on Vimeo.


Repetitive Strain Injuries

Another class of injuries worth discussing in an article championing one-handed electric grinders are repetitive strain injuries.  These are injuries that occur when continuous, repetitive work is done.  Overtime, these types of activities can lead to damage to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments involved in the motion.

Repetitive strains can be, for many, an injury for which treatment may not be searched out until it has progressed to become a nearly-disabling injury.  This is because many people obtain these injuries doing fairly light-duty tasks which seem too simple to result in injury.  A musician may develop pain from repeated practice; a lawyer from typing all day; a truck driver simply from shifting gears.  However, chronic pain is something no one wants to live with, so these are injuries which deserve careful attention like any other.

If you are someone who is suffering from a repetitive strain injury to your arms or hands, extra attention must be paid to any use of these body parts as you heal and manage your injury.  If you have chosen a herb like cannabis to assist in your recovery, you don’t want the grinding of the product to result in further aggravation.

Further aggravation is a real risk with hand grinders.  These types of grinders can be difficult to hold and grip, and the twisting action required to shred dense herbs isn’t simple or easy for someone with injuries to their arms and hands.  This source of pain and strain can be eliminated by choosing a grinder that allows for 1) powered grinding, like an electric grinder, and 2) one-handed operation.  All of this can be found in the Mamba V1 electric grinder, which is the ideal choice for anyone using cannabis for medicinal purposes.

This sort of convenience isn’t just for recreational users.  Not all grinders are created equally, and the Mamba V1 increases the accessibility of grinding to those experiencing pain.


manual grinder causes arthritis

Temporary Disabilities

A member of our team once suffered a severe hand injury. While at home, they were distracted and touched a hot stove top, and received serious burns to the palm and fingers of their right hand. Although they have since recovered, the burns prevented them from many of their regular activities.

Think about it: such an injury can happen to anyone.  If you can’t grip with a hand, how many activities would become impossible or extremely difficult?

We should all strive to be better prepared for catastrophes in our lives.  One such way to do this is investing in tools that make regular activities easier, and going with a high-quality electric grinder is a way to do this for your herbal activities.

Health today does not guarantee health tomorrow: go with an electric grinder to put some contingency planning into your herb grinding.



Marijuana Use for Pain Relief

Marijuana Use for Pain Relief

Marijuana, CBD, cannabis, bud, weed: these terms have become somewhat synonymous with pain relief in many modern countries.  In some countries where the drug is illegal, medical use of the product is sometimes permitted with the prescription of a physician.  In fact, in some countries where cannabis is now legal, the medical use of the plant was permitted beforehand and was used as an argument in favor of broader legalization.

Perhaps this is why many cannabis users tout it as being a sort-of wonder drug for pain relief.  While we are not medical experts - and nor are we going to say that cannabis has been proven for this use over any other available treatments - it is fairly obvious that the pain-relieving properties of cannabis are widely accepted by many all around the world.

For anyone suffering from chronic pain, sustainable treatment should be sought.  Many people claim to have found this treatment in the form of cannabis use, and there are entire companies that market their marijuana-derived products for pain relief, not for recreational use.  If you are someone who uses cannabis for pain relief, then it goes without saying that the process of preparing your cannabis should be done in a way that minimizes any further suffering.  This is another reason to consider a one-handed electric grinder like a Mamba.

The importance of one handed operation in grinders

The importance of one handed operation in eletcric grinders

What advantages does one handed operation give us?

The main advantage of one handed grinders, is that it frees the other hand to roll papers/use and prepare a bong or vaporizer. Manual grinders aren’t designed well for those with manual dexterity problems, and for people who want to enjoy medical marijuana for pain relief, the pain caused in grinding can be a strong deterrent! For those who have arthritis only in one hand, one handed operation is very helpful! It also lets the other hand rest, and you can alternate, instead of the manual grinder that requires two hands to use.


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How does one handed operation protect us?

Repetitive strain injury:

What is it: Repetitive strain injury is a repetitive motion disorder and is a term for damage to tissues caused by repeated physical actions. These actions are often related to work such as typing or performing manual labor. The tissues that are affected are often in the upper body.  Since grinding is repetitive, it can cause RSI. There are a number of conditions that fall under the RSI umbrella, these are: carpal tunnel syndrome affecting the median nerve in the wrist, tendonitis in the wrist or hand, tendinosis, tenosynovitis which affects the membranes surrounding a tendon, bursitis in the wrist, knee, elbow or shoulder, tennis elbow, cubital tunnel syndrome affecting the ulnar nerve in the elbow, ulnar tunnel syndrome which affects the wrist and trigger finger/thumb.

There are two types of RSI: Type 1 is where the symptoms can be categorized into a specific condition such as tennis elbow. Type 2 or diffuse RSI is where the symptoms are not easily recognized as a specific condition. Symptoms for type 2 may be vague or shifting with few or no visible or easily measurable signs.

Symptoms: Symptoms range from a gentle dull ache, to sharp pain in the affected area that limits their movement/motion and ability to perform everyday actions. The range of symptoms are: tingling, tightness, weakness, swelling, throbbing, loss of sensation, tenderness, burning sensation, cramping, ache, shooting pain, clumsiness and difficulty moving certain fingers.

Commonly affected body parts: As mentioned above, commonly joints are affected such as the wrist, hand, knee, elbow, shoulder, neck, back or fingers and thumbs. The membranes, nerves, tendons and muscles are what is affected and causing pain.

Causes: The causes are repetitive movements which gradually cause the tissues to become worn and damaged with overuse. The twisting motion used for herb grinding puts people’s wrists at risk. Small tears and signs of degeneration increase overtime to cause RSI. RSI can be caused by either small, frequent movements, vigorous movements containing high force or a lack of movement such as holding a limb in an unnatural position.



What is it: Arthritis is the swelling and tenderness of one or more joints. The main types are osteoarthritis (cartilage breakdown) and rheumatoid arthritis (autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the synovial membrane of the joints) but there are over 100 types of arthritis.

Symptoms: Pain, inflammation, redness, stiffness, swelling and decreased range of motion. The symptoms depend on which type of arthritis you have and how severe it is.

Commonly affected body parts: Any joint in the body, but mostly the wrist, knee, fingers and toes, elbow, shoulder, neck and back.

Causes: Arthritis has many causes, but usually it’s the wear and tear of supporting tissues of joints. Osteoarthritis is caused by ageing and activity which damages the joint’s cartilage, lessening the cushioning of the ends of the bones. This causes direct bone-on-bone grinding and can be hastened by joint injury or infection.

Rheumatoid arthritis is when the body’s immune system malfunctions and attacks the lining (synovial membrane) of the joint, eventually destroying cartilage and bone within the joint. Generally, the twisting motion required for herb grinding can put risk of the wrist developing osteoarthritis.


What electric marijuana grinder should I buy?

Electric Marijuana Grinder

Why Mamba grinder is the best:

The Mamba grinder has a body and frame made of high-impact plastic and the handle is a matte high friction material to improve grip. There are V1 and V2 battery packs that are in the handle, and its placement means the tool is well balanced, feeling sturdy but not too heavy. The motor functions with a low duty cycle and allows for a sealed motor compartment, which makes cleaning the grinder easy. The choice of alloy also makes this mechanical assembly long lasting and durable, whether the herbs are oily and sticky or dry. The grinding head mechanism also accepts large quantities of herbs, and the teeth and screen ensure all the herbs pass through the grinder and are cut to a consistent and correct size. The mamba grinder is at the heights of innovation!

Otto Grinder

The otto grinder is an automatic roller, has precision grinding and is easy to use. Simply press the button the side to open, load up materials and close the unit shut, then load up a cone into the tube and attach to the grinder. Once it’s all loaded, you can press and hold the power button, and the herbs will be grinded.

Some key points to remember are: The otto grinder is…

  1. Good for rolling joints if you have cone papers but not good if you want to direct your herb anywhere else.
  2. It is about 4x the price of the mamba
  • The mamba has better utility because the funnel allows you to direct your herb into whatever place you like, oppose to only being able to funnel your herb into a paper cone like the otto.


Chewy grinder:

The chewy grinder looks like a portable coffee grinder, and is pocket sized, has an advanced blade design with stainless steel, is either plastic or metal bodied, powered by a single 9V battery and has forward and reverse blade rotation.

Some key points to remember are: The Chewy grinder is…

  1. The chewy grinder is a great on the go option due to how easily it fits in your pocket. However, though it only requires a press of a button to grind, loading herb into the unit requires a lot of finger dexterity. 
  2. Loading compartment is hard to access and therefore harder to clean.
  • The mamba is much more simple to load and grind and the rock switch allows the mamba to more easily avoid jamming even with the stickiest herb.


FAQ Section

- Recommendations for a grinder that won’t hurt my arthritic hands?

 We suggest the mamba grinder as your first option, all you have to do is hold it over a bowl to collect the ground cannabis! The hand crank grinder is also useful as a second choice because all the pressure is taken off your hands – we recommend the sharpstone hand crank grinder. A hand crank grinder has a handle on the top lid of the grinder that you gently spin, taking pressure of your hands that a normal grinder would require. Twirling the handle gently shreds the cannabis into a fluffy material and the end result should be a light and crumbly texture. It is great for people with arthritis because even though it is still manual, it is much easier on the joints. There is also a clear top which you can see and determine how ground up you would like your cannabis to be. The sharp precision blades allow for a crumbly texture, but not making fine dust or powder.

A third choice from us would be the 4 piece grinder from the 7pipe release grinders company. These grinders can be used with one hand, they have traction bars that assist people with arthritis and weakened grip. Their four piece grinder has a kief collector, screen and premium grinding teeth that makes the grinding much easier.

- Any suggestions for an arthritis-friendly herb grinder?

We recommend an electric herb grinder which takes out all the work, is easy to clean and portable, and can be turned on with the push of a button. Some reasons to use electric grinders over manual grinders are:

  • There is no twisting motions to aggravate your arthritic pain. Electric grinders are much easier to use than manual grinders. For the Mamba battery-powered grinder, you simply place the herb in the loading compartments, close the unit and perfectly ground herb falls out of the cone as soon as you press the switch!
  • Electric grinders do their job and more! They grind the herb more consistently and keep it crumbly, not turning it into dust and accidentally destroying the trichomes! Electric herb grinders grind more consistently speed wise, and the product is very consistent and predictable. This makes the electric grinder very suitable for grinding herbs for use in a vaporizer. The grinding teeth compartment of many electric grinders is often combined with a screen and dispensing mechanism that allows fully-ground herb to fall into a container you are using to catch the grind. This helps ensure the grind is consistent as large pieces remain in the grind until they are shredded to the right size. The material that is ground leaves the grinder instead of remaining inside to potentially clog the grinder.
  • They are much faster in speed of grinding! They also leave the guess work out of the grinding process. Electric grinders will always out-perform manual types in this category, and with advances in battery technology, a lot of product can be ground before recharges are needed. The recharge itself also doesn’t take very long.

- Do you have a grinder recommendation for older ent with arthritis?

Electric grinders are still really useful for older ents (A term for medical and recreational cannabis users). Though they may seem confusing, most electric grinders are self-explanatory and easy to use. We recommend the mamba Version 1 (V1) (more information can be found here: https://mambagrinders.com/blogs/articles/guide-to-the-mamba-electric-grinder ). The Mamba V1 is the original 40mm with a power source of AA batteries which are loaded into the handle. While many devices these days use internal rechargeable batteries, these AA batteries give the V1 the ability to function for extended periods of time away from wall power, making it portable! The updated V1 50mm is powered by one 9v batter and provides the energy needed to power the 50mm’s increased size. For the Mamba battery-powered grinder, you simply place the herb in the loading compartments, close the unit and perfectly ground herb falls out of the cone as soon as you press the switch!

The elderly should use electric grinders because they are generally easier to use than manual grinders, especially if they have any other arthritic conditions.

- Which grinder would you recommend for arthritic and neuropathic hands?

People with arthritic and neuropathic hands have trouble with manual grinders because it requires lots of effort, with both hands and repetitive motions that aggravate symptoms, especially pain. The Mamba electric grinders are recommended! For the Mamba battery-powered grinder, you simply place the herb in the loading compartments, close the unit and perfectly ground herb falls out of the cone as soon as you press the switch! Mamba grinders have an (almost) 5 star review on Amazon and many users preach its accessibility, convenience, usability and portability.

- Anyone else having problems with turning regular grinders? I have arthritis and it is becoming exceedingly arduous to grind my medicine. What are your thoughts or solutions?

Well, the first thing we’d say to you, is that it is very difficult for an arthritic person to slave over manual grinders, and it is not helping your pain and inflammation at all! We understand that you want to easily access your medical marijuana, and electric grinders, especially those designed for people with disabilities, are there for you! The Mamba is a great tool that does all the work for you, and is easy to use. The Mamba grinders have a range of tools for your personal preference and cost preference. We recommend the Mamba grinders because they are made with the highest quality materials, are small and hand-held therefore portable, are able to grind large amounts of herbs consistently and accurately, and can store herbs for later use! They really are the pioneer of electric grinders!

- Can you recommend grinder for people with strength issues?

Electric grinders are generally good for people with strength issues and other disabilities.


If you are suffering from arthritis or any other condition that takes traditional hand grinders out of the equation for you, then we hope this post convinces you to go with a one-handed electric herb grinder. 

Have hope! 

There are options for you that can take stress and strain out of enjoying your herbs.

Anyone can benefit from an herb grinder that is easier and faster to use.  Trust us, if you go with a Mamba electric grinder you won’t look back, no matter what your health status, but why wait until something happens that makes it impossible to use your hand grinder?

We DON'T know what the future will bring, but we DO know that a good electric grinder will bring relaxation back to the act of grinding your herbs!


If wrist pain is affecting your quality of life, consider doing some mobility and strength rehabilitation exercises like in the video below:

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